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JobNimbus Feature Update: SRS Distribution Integration

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Streamline your material ordering process by integrating your JobNimbus account with SRS. We already launched our integration with SRS Distribution, but we aren’t stopping there. We’re adding to the goodness with new updates.

This powerful collaboration with one of the nation’s leading roofing materials and building product distributors provides you with the tools you need to seamlessly order materials to get the job done, including:

Real-Time Pricing

Access live pricing from your local SRS Distribution branch to ensure transparency and reliability for homeowners.

SRS Template Import

No need for extra steps—import templates directly from your SRS account right into JobNimbus for quick and easy material order creation.

Proof-of-Delivery Photos

Take the guesswork out of your order’s status with visual delivery confirmation.

Multiple Location Configuration

Assign more than one SRS account to accommodate each of your business locations for the best available supplies and easier ordering.

Default Branch Assignment

Do you have multiple locations? You can now select default branches by location so you see what’s available at the branches you use most.

Live Order Tracking

See where your order is in real time so you can keep projects on track.

Want to learn more about our integration with SRS Distribution? Chat with an expert or check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

Other Notable Updates

We’ve been grinding away to improve JobNimbus for all our users, both on the web and mobile. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

  • Black-and-white photo option in the photo editor
  • Photo markup tool makeover in the iOS mobile app
  • Tapping a photo @mention in the notification tray will now take you directly to the photo
  • Improved iPad mobile app functionality
  • Updated map on the mobile app to group Jobs/Contacts in a certain area
  • Improved site speed and memory
  • Notification preferences for the Notification Center
  • Proposals beta feature: add Documents (web only, mobile coming soon)
  • Restrict who can add products to the catalog when creating financial documents
  • Proposals beta on web and mobile
  • Text to Pay
  • Insights Business Overview dashboard
  • Workflow Insights dashboard
  • Swipe to delete notifications on mobile
  • Associated Job/Contact names on each notification in the Notification Center
  • “Data last synced” message on Insights
  • Download Form response as PDF
  • Insights design updates
  • “Back” button on custom report builder
  • Task notification preview
  • Reply/all and forward emails from Notification Center
  • New email action buttons
  • Search bar added to mobile home screen
  • Clickable links under task details
  • Persisting filters on the job list between app sessions
  • Photos ordered by date taken
  • We resolved a bug where users couldn’t select filters while viewing a Board.
  • We fixed a bug where users couldn’t add photos to forms from the photo gallery or camera.
  • We took care of a bug where smart estimates would appear not to save.
  • We fixed a bug where documents would show up in the photo section of a Contact/Job.
  • We squashed a bug that changed photo orientation.
  • We fixed a bug so users can tap on the split payment date on an invoice.
  • We crushed a bug that made it hard to see buttons on a blue-colored Board.
  • We fixed Insights to not pull data from deleted Contacts/Jobs.
  • We fixed a bug where a sales rep would auto-assign on a Contact when the Contact’s status was changed.
  • We took care of the bug that prevented call notes from saving.
  • We resolved an issue causing photos to appear at the bottom of the screen when the sort order is set to recently taken first.

More Updates Coming Soon

We’re putting our all into making the best roofing software we can possibly make. And with thousands of contractors using our software, we’re confident JobNimbus can be the tool you need.

More exciting updates are coming soon, so stay tuned for details!

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