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"I save 20 hours a week with this roofing tool."

Robert Cupp, Summit View Roofing

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Your new, supercharged workflow

Go mobile

Whether you’re using our highly reviewed iOS & Android apps or web app—at the office or in the field—you’ve got what you need.

Work the boards

Manage your entire process on a digital whiteboard built to maximize your sales, production, and cash flow all from one roofing CRM.

Make it yours

Use JobNimbus out-of-the-box or dial it to exactly match your process. No contractor tool is more customizable, helping you reduce training time.


A powerful sidekick, at the office or in the field

Take the #1 roofing CRM app everywhere you go

Whether capturing a lead, taking inspection photos, or collecting a payment, JobNimbus is your perfect sidekick. Moreover, with over 2,500 ratings and over 4.7 stars on the App Store and Google Play Store, our mobile app is undeniably the best mobile roofing software you can get.
JobNimbus Mobile App

Sell more roofing jobs than ever before​

Our roofing CRM is your sales team’s new best friend

Give your sales reps world-class tools, like inspection forms, photo annotations, and smart estimating, and you get insights into how your sales team is performing.

Yeah, roofing CRM software can do that.

Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus


Set your inspection appointments and send reminders to customers.​

Lead Tracking

Capture leads, track lead sources, and optimize your sales funnel.​


Take job photos, draw on them, and create photo reports in seconds.

Smart Estimating

Drop in your measurements to create accurate estimates in record time.


Build professional proposals, including photos, contracts, signatures, and payment options.​


Manage production at lightspeed

No more “jobs slipping through the cracks”

With Boards, you see your entire process from start to finish. Our software for roofers shows exactly where each job is at and what you need to do each day, rather than running around lost.

Roofing Production Management - JobNimbus

Material Ordering

Order directly from Beacon PRO+ or send material orders to your local supply house.

Work Orders

Schedule work orders and assign them to your crews or subcontractors.


Track all the subcontractors you work with and see their schedules on the calendar.

Efficiency Reports

See how long it takes for your team to complete jobs and where they’re getting stuck.


Get 5 stars for keeping in touch

With JobNimbus, you’ll never get another bad review for communication again.

We’ve looked at thousands of reviews for roofing contractors, and the #1 thing that causes a bad review is bad communication. Obviously that’s a problem.

So we built Engage texting into our roof software to help you communicate with your customers and keep them in the loop.

Engage Texting & Email Communication - JobNimbus


Send and receive text messages from customers right inside JobNimbus.


Receive and reply to emails from leads, customers, adjusters, subs, and more.

Automated Messaging

Upgrade your communication with automation and message templates.

Review Requests

Get more reviews than ever with automated review requests.


Boost your cash flow​

If you can’t collect payments, your business stands still.

JobNimbus empowers you to offer more payment options to your customers so you can get paid at lightning speed without having to chase checks all over town. In short, we put more money in your pocket.

Automate payment collection, track your past-due accounts, and sync seamlessly with QuickBooks.
Roofing CRM - Cash Collection - JobNimbus


Convert your estimates into invoices with 1-click and send with payment options.​

JobNimbus Payments

Collect down payments and final payment with options for credit/debit cards and ACH.


Apply for customer financing right inside JobNimbus to sell more jobs.

QuickBooks 2-Way Sync

Double-entry no more! You and your accountant will always speak the same language.

Integrate with your favorite roofing tools

We proudly integrate with partners who focus on bringing roofing software to the 21st century.

Top roofing integrations:

  • Order aerial measurements with EagleView and HOVER
  • Estimate and order materials with exact pricing from Beacon PRO+
  • Snap photos and draw on them with CompanyCam
  • Apply for customer financing with Sunlight Financial
  • Collect digital payments with JobNimbus Payments

JobNimbus: A roofer's best tool

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JobNimbus Payments

Wanna see how easy it is for homeowners to pay you?

Collect credit card and ACH payments in less than 30 seconds.