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You’re spending more time than ever working on your roofing business. You’re leaving dinner to take phone calls, putting in 14-hour days, but you don’t see it paying off. The secret isn’t that you have to work harder. You just need powerful software to help you work smarter.

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Most Popular Time-Saving Tools for Roofing Companies

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Mobile App

Switch Easily from Desktop to Mobile

Run your business in or out of the office

Use the mobile app to start something in the office and pick it up again while you’re on the go. Create an invoice, collect a customer’s signature, email an insurance company, and more right from your phone.

Real-time access

JobNimbus syncs across all devices in real-time, so everything is accurate no matter where or how you access the software.

Win More Bids with Professional Roofing Estimates

Estimate faster

If you wait an hour to contact a customer, a large percentage of customers will call someone else. That’s a huge percentage of potential customers. Beat your competitors with faster bids. Build quick, accurate estimates in JobNimbus to get more jobs and boost your closing rate.

Work smarter

Change the way you do business with roofing estimate software.
  • Fast digital estimates that calculate markup, labor, and material on the go
  • Digital signing for estimates
  • Estimate conversion to invoices or work orders
  • Product sync with QuickBooks
“Great CRM, streamlined our processes this year, allowing us to triple in gross sales.”
Brian S.
Sorensen Roofing and Exteriors


Accelerate Growth and Efficiency with Automations

Cut out repetitive tasks from your day with automations. Think of your tasks like puzzle pieces. When you make an automation, you’re telling the system how to connect the pieces, so the software will automatically do the puzzle without needing your help. Once you set up an automation, it will take care of itself whether you’re in the office or on vacation, so you can focus on bigger priorities. 

JobNimbus has endless automation capabilities for easier, more consistent work. Create your own automations or use contractor favorites prebuilt into the software.

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the automations you can use in JobNimbus:

  • Send a thank-you email to a customer when you mark a job as complete
  • Get a notification when you have a payment over $5,000 come through
  • Email your crew when you create a material order
  • Update a job status from Lead to Appointment Scheduled

Use Reports to Gain Valuable Insight into Your Roofing Business

Uncover opportunities to put more money in your pocket or fix issues that make you less profitable. JobNimbus keeps all your work orders, invoices, estimates, job costs, and more in one place, so it’s easier than ever to track your profits. Track sales by rep to find your top performers, keep track of outstanding payments, and discover your profit margin for the last month. Get constant visibility into your business finances with the JobNimbus roofing CRM.

Integrate with Other Popular Roofing Tools

JobNimbus fully integrates with helpful platforms to speed up your processes. With JobNimbus, you only need one roofing solution to order supplies, get aerial roofing images, and update your accountant.

Here are a few of our most popular integrations:

  • Aerial measurements with EagleView and Hover
  • Roof estimating software with QuickBooks and Beacon Supplies
  • Photo organization with Company Cam
  • Customer financing with Sunlight Financial
  • Digital payments with Global Payments Integrated
“Best organizational tool for our roofing and exterior company. We/I would be lost without JobNimbus. Thank you!”
Seth B.
Sprague Roofing & Exteriors

Check Out Why JobNimbus Is a Roofer’s Best Tool

JobNimbus gives you everything you need to organize, manage, and grow your roofing business!

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  • Quickly add contacts and jobs to organize your business
  • Simple drag-and-drop boards
  • Smart estimates for quick and beautiful quotes
  • Task and email automation
  • ​Everything roofers need, all organized in one place

Enjoy less stress, less busywork, more free time, and more profit with the most trusted roofing software. JobNimbus simplifies all aspects of running your roofing business with one easy-to-use software. Join thousands of other roofing contractors who save time and make more money by using JobNimbus.

See for yourself why JobNimbus is the one tool roofers can’t live without.

Grow your business

JobNimbus is more than software—it’s a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize profit with the simple, all-in-one tool.

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