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JobNimbus Payments

Fast, simple payments you and your customers will love

Forget your cash flow problems. We’ve got you covered.

Forget your cash flow problems and cut your collection time by 49.6%. Collect payments from credit cards, debit cards, and ACH/eCheck all under one software roof so you can get paid faster.

Track your leads
Optimize your sales
Manage your projects
Stay connected
Get paid!
At JobNimbus, we help contractors become heroes through software that keeps you organized, efficient, and profitable.

With JobNimbus Payments, contractors get paid faster, receive unparalleled support, improve customer satisfaction, and save time and money. On average, JobNimbus Payments helps contractors like you save 8+ hours a month on collecting payments. Are you ready to get paid without the hassle?

Build more trust

91% of homeowners trust contractors that offer digital payment options more than those who only accept checks.

Get your cash faster

With JobNimbus Payments, most credit card payments are received within 24 hours.

More money in your pocket

Enjoy pricing transparency and competitive rates—no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and no annual fees.

Fast and easy onboarding

Get your payment system set up and running the same day. Say goodbye to weeks of waiting for approval.

Save time and sanity

Save 8+ hours a month with easy payment reconciliation. Save 2 hours per job spent chasing homeowners for payment.

Superb tech support

Bouncing from person to person or department to department is frustrating. With JobNimbus, all support reps are in-house and ready to provide speedy expert support.


Making a difference on the front lines

Have you ever had to chase down a customer for payment? We know how frustrating and time-consuming that can be. 

So we created a tool that puts all your software and payments into one place to get you paid faster and easier than ever.

"JobNimbus Payments has been a game changer..."

Richelle Brown, Action Roofing & Construction

As an office manager, you deal with an overflowing list of outstanding balances. You’ve got to reach out to those customers, but calling them takes precious time away from your day. You’re taking more lunches at your desk, dealing with overdue statements and unfulfilled promises of getting paid later.

JobNimbus Payments let you accept, track, and manage payments right where you already have all your customer and job information.

You can accept multiple payment types, even at the job site, so that customers can pay you instantly. You also won’t have to run checks to the bank every other day since you can get paid through ACH, credit cards, and more.

And because you don’t have to spend time calling and traveling to pick up physical checks, you can save money on gas and free up your schedule to take an actual lunch break.

Even better, because it’s all through JobNimbus, you get fast, responsive help from the JobNimbus Support team. And after you set up JobNimbus Payments, you can typically start accepting payments within hours. You’ll see results on a dime!

With JobNimbus Payments, you’ll cut out hours of drive time, phone calls, and collection processes. Get paid faster, collect payments the way you want, and have more freedom in your schedule.
Job Deposits NEW

Collect payments upfront

Start your job off right with a down payment to get some skin in the game and cover the cost of ordering the materials so you can get to work.

JobNimbus Payments - Deposits, Down Payments
Next-Day Funding NEW

Get funds in your bank next-day

Waiting 3-5 business days for transactions to hit your bank account can be a real headache. That’s why we’ve slashed credit card and ACH funding times down to 1–2 business days.

Next-Day Funding, JobNimbus Payments

Send a text, get paid with a text

More homeowners want to text with contractors than ever before. So we let your customers pay right from a text message. Simple as that.


Let your customers pay how they want

Give your customers more options like credit card, debit card, and ACH/eCheck. JobNimbus Payments accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

JobNimbus Payments Methods

Set up fees for your business's needs

You have the freedom to automatically build the processing fees into your margin or pass the fees on to your customers, giving you unmatched flexibility.

JobNimbus Payments Fee Handling

Send payable invoices with a click

With Payments, every invoice you send will have a “Make a payment” button, making it super easy for your customers to pay you for your services.


Leave the busywork behind—we'll collect for you.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re getting paid for your hard work without even lifting a finger. Automations will do that for you.

How does JobNimbus Payments compare to QuickBooks® Payments?

JobNimbus Payments QuickBooks® Payments
Invoice Payments
Mobile Payments
Deposit Payments
Credit/Debit Rate
ACH Rate
1% ($50 cap)
1% (no cap)
Next-Day Funding
Yes (no additional cost)
Yes (1.75% if not banking with QBO)

Here’s an average customer who lives 60 minutes away from the office.

With JobNimbus Payments, you’d save $16.85 PLUS all the time and headache trying to pick up a paper check. Pretty cool, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

JobNimbus Payments works alongside your standard JobNimbus subscription and requires no additional contract. Additionally, there is no monthly subscription fee to collect payments.

When your customer opens the invoice you’ve sent, they’ll see a green payment button. When they click on it, they’ll be taken to where they can choose the amount and desired payment method. Once they pay, they’ll get a receipt emailed to them and you’ll get a notification letting you know you’ve received a payment.

Wanna see how it looks for yourself? Try JobNimbus Payments here.

Processing time depends on the type of payment. Generally, credit card payments are deposited in 1–3 business days, and ACH payments are deposited in 2–4 business days. Disbursements can take additional time if they’re made after 5 PM Eastern Time, on a holiday, or if they contain over $20k.

Payments over $100,000 may require additional documentation.

Yes! JobNimbus Payments lets you refund or void a transaction, which is handy if the customer changes how they want to pay or the payment amount is incorrect. You can only issue a refund once the customer’s payment lands in your bank account. If the customer hasn’t paid yet, you can cancel or void the transaction.

Most JobNimbus Payments users (70–80%) can begin processing payments within hours of completing the payments application. Sometimes, the application requires more information before you can start accepting payments. In that situation, a JobNimbus account executive or FinTech specialist will help you complete the application so you can begin processing payments.

  • Credit card processing: Every transaction has a fee of 3.2% and $0.29. Each credit card refund has a fee of $0.05, and a credit card void is also $0.05.

  • ACH/eCheck processing: Every transaction has a fee of 0.5%, no more than $50. Each eCheck refund is $0.15, and each return for bounced checks is $2.50.

  • Disputes: Each retrieval is $15, a chargeback is $15, and arbitration is $10.

These are the things we’ll need to get you started:

  • An active JobNimbus subscription. Don’t have one? Sign up for one here.
  • Business type (LLC, S Corp, etc)
  • Legal Business Name (this should match your EIN # registration with the IRS)
  • Business Statement Descriptor (what shows on your customers’ bank statements after payment)
  • Industry
  • EIN #
  • Business Phone and/or Email Address
  • Business Website
  • Secondary Descriptor (the description your bank applies to your deposits)
  • Services/products you provide and how you sell them
  • Date Business Established
  • Annual Processing Volume
  • Average Transaction Amount
  • Business Address (associated with EIN)
  • Owner Information (for everyone who owns 25% or more, Date of Birth, SSN, and contact info including address)
  • Bank for where we can deposit your money (Plaid connection available)
Most applicants are able to start processing their first payments within 2 hours.
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