Insights reporting to optimize your performance

Data can be overwhelming, but we make it easy. JobNimbus Insights is our new reporting tool, designed to give you quick visibility into your key sales metrics and drive accountability in your business.

Introducing Sales Insights

If collecting data feels like cardio, JobNimbus Insights is your new best friend.

Our new reporting tool gives your team visibility into the data that matters most with clear graphs and visuals that bring the numbers to life. Always have a pulse on the health of your business with the ability to immediately track:

  • Lead flow: See how many leads are entering your system
  • Lead mix: Find out where your leads are coming from
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by sales rep): Get a 360° view of how each sales rep is performing
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by lead source): Discover which of your lead sources yields the best results
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by job type): Learn which type of job contributes the most to your success
KEY reports for contractors

Make data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions are key for business success. Without knowing important numbers, goals and direction become blurry. Know your numbers to empower your team and make the right choices for your company.

JobNimbus Insights Reporting
Lead Sources

Optimize your ROI

Get leads and close them . . . every roofer’s top priority, right?

With Insights, you can track how many leads are coming in and which lead sources have the highest ROI. Use this info to increase your lead-to-close ratio and decrease costs by investing in the sources that are top performers.

Insights Reporting - Lead Sources Mix

Manage & coach your sales team

Stalk your team’s performance! But in an acceptable, non-creepy way.

You can quickly filter specific stats for each sales rep on the Leaderboard dashboard. You’ll identify which team members are meeting their numbers and where some are struggling. Use these stats in powerful, action-oriented coaching conversations with your sales reps.

Insights Reporting - Sales Leaderboard

Every sales manager's favorite tool

Make better decisions, train the best sales reps, and invest your marketing dollars where they’ll make the most impact.

The numbers don’t lie—there’s a really good chance Insights will change your business for good.

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Get Insights with the #1 roofing software

JobNimbus is your ticket to not only all your reporting and data needs, but also your overall business growth. Streamline your processes, boost your profits, and manage your entire business from one simple tool.

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