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You’re ready to take your business to the next level—to get organized, streamlined, profitable—all of it. But how do you know where you are in the process? Jump into our Building Business universe to better understand where you’re at, define where you want to go, and chart a course to get there.

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries—we’ve got you covered with a treasure trove of resources, articles, videos, podcasts, downloads, blog posts, and more to help you build your business the right way today. Find the answers to your small business questions and start learning what questions to ask next.

Time to start leveling up

Contractor resources & business help


From managing people to your own mental health, get the A to Z of optimizing your contractor business.


Where else can you get a consistent stream of essential business insights, strategies, and roofing puns?


At the office, a trade show, or online—there are plenty of opportunities to connect and dig deeper.


With tips and insights on all aspects of the JobNimbus universe, our video library is a great place to level up.

Watch the latest podcast episode

Join Ben, CEO of JobNimbus, and Jim, co-founder of Roofer Marketers, as they spill the secrets to thriving in contracting. Dive into our podcast on the power of partnerships!

Become an Authority in the Construction Industry

How to Hire the Best Talent as a Contractor

Social Media for Contractors

The Best Way Contractors Communicate with Customers

Manage Your Reputation as a Contractor

Let Your Contracting Business Run for You


Discover something new

Read industry-related blog posts to stay informed, boost your professional growth, and find new ideas that keep you competitive.


Meet up with the greatest minds

Maximize your contracting game by networking and learning at industry-specific events—where connections and knowledge collide for success.

Online or in person, at the office or on the road—getting together to talk shop is always worth the effort. Join us at our Crew Events in Utah or find us at the next trade show. Either way, we’re excited to see you soon!


Browse our video training library

Step into a world of inspiration and innovation with our library of hundreds of engaging videos that cater to every aspect of your contracting journey.

Learn the Software

Get started on the right foot with easy-to-follow tutorials and guides.

Building Business: The Podcast

JobNimbus CEO Ben Hodson and guests discuss essential business strategies.

JobNimbus Customer Stories

Dig into real-world examples of small business success with JobNimbus.

JobNimbus 101 Webinars

Learn from a variety of JobNimbus experts on relevant topics.

FREE 20-Minute Webinar

5 Secrets to Grow & Organize Your Roofing Business

Join us for our free webinar and learn how to get organized and take your business to new heights.

Free Downloads to Help You Market Your Business

Top 5 Lead Generation Tips

Want the inside knowledge on how to generate more roofing leads? See JobNimbus’s findings of the 5 most popular methods.

retargeting tips for contractors

Retargeting Tips and Templates

Download your free tips and templates for social media, email and phone scripts to help you gain more leads.

Review Templates for Text & Email

Download free tips and templates to help your company get more reviews and improve your reputation.

contractor website checklist

Website Checklist​

Know what your website needs to thrive? Get a comprehensive checklist that covers everything you need to optimize your site and get more leads.

SWOT Analysis

Download your SWOT Analysis and SWOT Worksheet.

Other Incredibly Powerful Tools to Grow Your Contractor Business

Get the right solution to power your business.

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