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A Sales Experience That Crushes the Competition

Stay organized, close deals faster, and grow your revenue with JobNimbus driving your sales success.

It looks like you just found your supersuit.

What is sales software?

And how can it help roofing contractors like you?

Sales software like JobNimbus can support your roofing business’s sales processes by:

  1. Streamlining your process to become more efficient

  2. Enhancing your sales team’s communication and follow-up

  3. Empowering your sales reps to close deals more effectively

Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus

Manage your leads and schedule appointments


Use the calendar to set inspections, appointments, and more.

Lead tracking

Map your custom sales process and turn your leads into lifelong customers.

Sales boards

Keep track of all your leads and jobs on one board—including estimated totals.

Custom sales workflows

Build the perfect workflow for your sales team to achieve remarkable results.

Create the best first impression


Collect all the information you need during your first visit with standardized inspection forms.

Smart estimating

Automatically create accurate estimates in seconds. All you have to do is plug in the right measurements. Learn more

Photos & annotations

Record your progress with before and after photos. Draw on them, point out areas, and leave notes on them right inside our app.


Get customer sign-off on your proposals via email or our industry-leading mobile app.

I thought JobNimbus alone was great, but with the new sales experience and Payments we'll be unstoppable!
Heather S.
Claims Paid Roofing and Restoration

Close more leads and know your numbers

Sales automation

“When a proposal is signed, move the job to ‘Sold’.” And so much more.

Digital signatures

Collect signatures directly from your customers on your phone or tablet.

Down payments

Request and accept down payments, all from within JobNimbus. Learn more

Homeowner financing

Apply for homeowner financing to sell higher value jobs to more customers. Learn more


Improve your profit margin by comparing your actual costs with your projected costs.

Insights reporting

Drill into your team’s performance, lead sources, and more. Learn more

Great CRM, streamlined our processes this year allowing us to triple in gross sales.
Brian S.
Sorensen Roofing and Exteriors
Highest-rated mobile app for sales

Close sales on the go

Whether capturing a lead, taking inspection photos, or collecting a payment o n site, the JobNimbus mobile app is your perfect sidekick.

Over 2,500 ratings and 4.8 stars on the App Store can’t be wrong. Our mobile app is the best mobile roofing sales app you can get.

JobNimbus Mobile App
I use JobNimbus daily to manage and organize my leads for my company. Information is clearly visible at first glance and extremely helpful. Thank you to JobNimbus for your service and help with the world of sales.
Isaac M.
Sustainable Energy Solutions
5-star communication

Never let a lead slip again

Help your sales team get 5-star reviews for communication.

What’s the top reason why roofers get bad reviews? Poor communication.

So we built Engage texting into our sales software to help your team communicate better with your customers.

Engage Texting & Email Communication - JobNimbus


Send and receive text messages from customers right inside JobNimbus.


Receive and reply to emails from leads, customers, adjusters, subs, and more.

Automated Messaging

Upgrade your communication with automation and message templates.

Review Requests

Get more reviews than ever with automated review requests.

Integrate with your favorite roofing tools

We proudly integrate with partners who focus on bringing roofing software to the 21st century.

Top roofing integrations:

  • Capture canvassed leads and appointments with SalesRabbit
  • Get roof measurements with EagleView and HOVER
  • Estimate with exact pricing from Beacon PRO+ and SRS
  • Build beautiful, professional quotes with SumoQuote
  • Apply for homeowner financing with Wisetack
  • Collect down payments with JobNimbus Payments

JobNimbus: A sales rep's best tool

See for yourself why JobNimbus is the one tool sales managers and sales reps can’t live without.

Try a 14-day free trial of the most-trusted sales software for roofers today.

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Get the sales software that'll 10x your roofing business.

JobNimbus is the ultimate solution for driving sales growth.

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