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Sumo Stomp
We acquired SumoQuote! Learn more here
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All of our flexible pricing plans include the essentials for roofing contractors.


For companies building processes
  • Add unlimited jobs
  • Track workflow with boards
  • Collect digital payments
  • Offer financing to homeowners
  • Run custom reports
  • Automate 10 workflows
  • Share comments with @mentions
  • Integrate QuickBooks
  • Connect up to 5 software tools
  • Get onboarded with a JN expert
  • Get phone, email, and chat support


For companies needing to scale
  • Everything in Growing, plus:
  • Track workflow with unlimited boards
  • Track more with custom fields
  • Customize task types
  • Get deep reporting for A/R, Production, and more
  • Automated unlimited workflows
  • Get more access to our Customer Success team
  • Sync multiple locations with QuickBooks
  • Integrate unlimited software tools
  • Connect tools with API access
  • Use webhooks in automations


For companies building processes


For companies needing to scale

The results speak for themselves:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home exteriors contractors, specifically ones who work primarily in roofing, restoration roofing, solar, gutters, and siding.

JobNimbus is super customizable to meet your business needs. However, if you’re in Roofing, Restoration Roofing, and Solar you will have the most success with JobNimbus.

On average, our users see a 43% increase in revenue, teams save 8 hours per person per week, and companies collect 25% more payments.

JobNimbus is a CRM and project management software built to track your jobs from end-to-end.

You can use it to track leads, sales, production, and billing all in one convenient place.

Being both a CRM and Project Management Software, JobNimbus gives you amazing flexibility to pay only for what your team needs right now.

There is an account-based price for the CRM that includes all the necessary features for your whole team, and then role-specific Project Management pricing for Admin, Sales, and Field team members. This gives each member of your team access to the tools they need.

Fill out our pricing request form and we’ll help you find the perfect plan for your team.

We also offer a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

It’s extremely important that you as an owner, office manager, or other manager have access to your whole team’s work. You’ll need to not only manage your team’s work, but also see detailed reporting to know your business is running effectively.

As an admin, you’ll simply add yourself to the Admin role to have full access.

JobNimbus is available on the web (Chrome, Edge, Safari) and on iOS devices and Android phones and tablets.

Our app is the highest-rated mobile app for any roofing software platform, and you can get it on the Google Play Store and App Store. It even offers limited offline functionality so you can get more work done no matter where you are.

Once you sign up for your free trial, you’ll be guided along to learn how to use JobNimbus. We also have a bunch of other help including in-app chat, knowledge base, and support via email, our social media pages, and phone, depending on your plan.

We pride ourselves on connecting with the most tools of any roofing software.

We’ve got connections with Google Calendar, QuickBooks, CompanyCam, Zapier, JobNimbus Payments, SalesRabbit, Solo, mySalesman, Spotio, naturalForms, HOVER, EagleView, Beacon PRO+, Sunlight Financial, SumoQuote, and more.

That’s what JobNimbus is all about! We’ve built a collaborative CRM that focuses on promoting teamwork and communication. Add your team members, mention them in notes and get notified, assign and receive assignments, split your team into groups and filter your view to just see your team’s stuff.

The web app supports English, while the mobile app supports both English and Spanish. Our technical support, training, and success teams offer help in English only.

Save time, money, and your sanity with JobNimbus.

Are you ready to level up your contractor business with JobNimbus? Our purpose is to help you reach your business goals and become the contractor hero you were meant to be. Fill out the form and we’ll reach out soon!


But don’t just take our word for it—check out over 4,000 reviews from contractors just like you.

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How Much Does JobNimbus Cost?

Conquering your goals and growing your company looks different for every business. That’s why JobNimbus tailors your software pricing to match your unique business needs. Let’s work together to find the right JobNimbus plan for your team.

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