Sumo Stomp
We acquired SumoQuote! Learn more here
🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report
Sumo Stomp
We acquired SumoQuote! Learn more here
🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

The #1 production software for roofers

Install more roofs in less time with the best all-in-one production software. Digital whiteboards, easy-to-use reports, and so much more.

You'll look more and more heroic every day.

What is production software?

And how can it help you be a roofing hero?

JobNimbus is an invaluable asset for roofing production, offering a range of functionalities to boost efficiency and streamline operations:

1. Production Planning and Scheduling: Manage work orders and plan roofing projects effectively. Seamlessly track job progress and allocate resources for a smooth production workflow.

2. Communication and Coordination: Stay connected with your team and suppliers using JobNimbus, facilitating clear communication throughout the production process. Easily coordinate tasks, deadlines, and updates to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

3. Material Orders: Use the JobNimbus integrations to Beacon PRO+ and Roof Hub by SRS to simplify the material procurement process and ensure timely delivery.

4. Task and Activity Management: Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track progress, ensuring your team executes every step of the project flawlessly.

5. Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your roofing production performance, identify areas for improvement, track productivity, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall efficiency.

6. Streamlined Production Workflow: Optimize your production processes, minimize delays, and maximize output to efficiently handle multiple projects, delivering top-notch results to your clients.

In summary, roofing production software facilitates effective communication, material management, and task coordination. JobNimbus enables roofing contractors and business owners to achieve operational excellence, deliver projects on time, and drive the growth of their roofing businesses.

JobNimbus Boards Production Pipeline

Production planning and scheduling


Use the calendar to schedule your installs, crews, subcontractors, and more.


"When a job is scheduled, then notify the homeowner via SMS." And much more.

Material ordering

Convert estimates to material orders in just one click. Send MOs directly to your suppliers.

Supplier integrations

Get real-time pricing, order instantly, and receive delivery updates with our Beacon PRO+ and SRS integrations.

Automations are an absolute life saver for me. I have two small girls and this allows for me to have more time to spend with my family.
Matt B.
Titan Roofing

Collaborate with crews and subcontractors


Add subs to your account, assign work orders, and schedule them on your calendar.

Work orders

Convert estimates to work orders and assign them to your crews.

Job share

Share live job folders with your homeowners, crews, and subcontractors.

Photo feed

See all your team's photos in a collection on the mobile app home screen.

Never let a job slip through the cracks

Production boards

They're like your whiteboard in the office but on steroids and way more customizable.


Keep track of every detail with tasks. Automate them for a stunning workflow.


Take notes on install updates, homeowner conversations, team communication, and more.


Post-inspection reports have never been easier to fill out, especially on the go.

Incredibly productive and organized vehicle to communicate and document.
Ben B.
Highest-rated mobile app for production

Keep production going from anywhere

JobNimbus is your perfect sidekick, keeping your production going through a mix of powerful automation and convenient mobile features.

Our mobile app has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store with over 3,500 ratings, so you can trust JobNimbus to supercharge your production.

JobNimbus Mobile App
Easy to use, a must for any project.
Brad A.
CP Strategies

Integrate with your favorite roofing tools

We proudly integrate with partners who focus on bringing roofing software to the 21st century.

Top roofing integrations:

  • Capture canvassed leads and appointments with SalesRabbit
  • Get roof measurements with EagleView and HOVER
  • Estimate with exact pricing Beacon PRO+ and SRS
  • Build beautiful, professional quotes with SumoQuote
  • Apply for homeowner financing with Wisetack
  • Collect down payments with JobNimbus Payments

The best tool for production management

We’ve built JobNimbus as an end-to-end solution for roofing companies to level up and grow.

Try it free for 14 days, and we’ll show you just how much greener the grass can be.

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Run production just as well as you install roofs

JobNimbus will accelerate your production and make it more efficient than ever. Try JobNimbus free for 14 days.

JobNimbus has tools for every part of your workflow