Simplify Your Siding Business

You’ve got a lot going on in your siding business. Constantly trying to get more leads, communicating with leads in your pipeline, preparing estimates—all of this on top of actual siding jobs and getting paid. 

These activities are essential to your business but can take time away from what you really want to do: grow your business and spend time doing things you love.

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"Your scattered stacks of papers and files could all be in one place"

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Edge out the Competition with Easy-to-Use Estimating

Win more siding jobs

Home siding estimator software makes it possible to win more siding jobs in less time. Add items, quantities, prices, cost, taxes, and more to your estimates. You can even leave a note that directly attaches to the bid for your team or the customer.

Save time with templates

If you find yourself making the same estimate multiple times, save it as a template. You’ll be able to automatically pull the information from that template when you go to make the next one. And once the estimate is ready, JobNimbus lets you turn it into a proposal with just one click. Avoid errors, save yourself time, and get bids out faster than ever.


Efficient Scheduling to Remove Double-Booking

Better visibility across your business

Create an appointment where everyone on the team can see it. The JobNimbus Calendar lets you set appointments, phone calls, meetings, and task reminders, so your siding business doesn’t miss a beat.

Sync with your existing calendar

JobNimbus also syncs to your Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar, so you don’t have to update multiple calendars. See other team members’ calendars to know what their day-to-day looks like and hold them accountable.

“The program more than exceeds our needs and has the ability to do so much more. The customer service is immediate and understandable.”
Sharon C.
Chess Roofing & Siding


Faster, Paperless Billing to Collect More Payments

No more tracking down outdated invoices or forgetting to mail a bill. JobNimbus lets you create and send siding bills digitally. Build your invoice and email it to your customer without ever leaving the software.

You’ll have a clear record of when you sent the invoice and how much it costs. Then, your customers can pay their invoices online, so you can get paid sooner.


Remove Redundant Tasks from Your Day with Automations

Focus on priorities

Put your time towards high-priority tasks instead of busywork. Automations make sure that everything gets done while letting you focus on what matters most.

Use prebuilt or custom automations

JobNimbus is built for siding contractors, which is why it has tried-and-true automations you can use right out of the box. The house siding software is also flexible enough for you to tailor automations to your siding business.

The JobNimbus siding software has two types of automations

“Easy to use and to customize. Helps me manage my business much more effectively.”
Rob W.
Donahue Roofing and Siding LLC
Mobile App

Use the Mobile App to Take Your Business Anywhere

Do your teams keep calling the office while they’re at the job site? Do you only have access to what you need while in the office? Be free to run your company wherever you go with the JobNimbus mobile app.

You can use the JobNimbus mobile app on phones, tablets, and more, so you can work beyond your office building. The mobile app lets you:

  • Collect finger signatures from customers on-site
  • Add, edit, or view contacts
  • Find nearby jobs with a map
  • Take pictures of the job site and save them to a customer file
  • Leave notes for team members
  • Fill out checklists to stay on track
  • See upcoming tasks and appointments
  • Track supplies and subcontractor work


Connect All Your Software into One Place for Easy Access

Prevent data errors

The more platforms you use to run your business, the harder it is to stay organized. You have to deal with double entries, information slipping through the cracks, and switching back and forth between apps. Integrations cut out the need for multiple entries by connecting all your platforms into one place.

Keep using your favorite industry solutions

JobNimbus integrates with customer-favorite systems to make your work easier. Keep track of expenses and profits with QuickBooks Desktop or Online, leave voice notes about pictures in CompanyCam, accept payments with Global Payments Integrated, and find more leads with SalesRabbit. The integration possibilities are endless, so you can make your system exactly what you need it to be.
“JobNimbus came out of nowhere, and it was an angel from heaven. Now we have every single job organized. Every homeowner is updated every week… It’s been a drastic change.”
Dante D.
United Home Solutions

Transform all aspects of your siding business with JobNimbus.

JobNimbus siding software has helped thousands of contractors save time, get paid faster, and increase revenue.

Contractors who use JobNimbus love
  • Efficient, professional estimates to win more bids
  • Easy project scheduling for better organization
  • Digital invoicing and payment processing for faster profits
  • Time-saving automations for increased productivity
Take your siding company to the next level with the industry’s most trusted software.

Grow your business

JobNimbus is more than software—it’s a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize profit with the simple, all-in-one tool.

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