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New JobNimbus Feature: Text-to-Pay

Woman using text to pay her roofer

JobNimbus Payments 🤝 Engage

We’re bringing two of your favorite features together for the ultimate payment experience.

Text-to-pay makes quick, convenient payments possible. When you have both JobNimbus Payments and Engage, you can text payment links to homeowners with just two clicks.

Not only will you love the ease text-to-pay gives you, but customers will love it too. With fast, secure transactions, they’ll appreciate how modern and transparent the whole process is. Here’s what the situation will look like from your customer’s perspective.

  1. Your customer receives the payment request as a text message.
  2. They open the text message.
  3. They click the link, and it opens to a secure payments page.
  4. They fill in their payment information.

It’s just that easy!

Text to pay text screen with green background

Other Notable Updates

Our team has been busy bringing more tools to our 4.8-star-rated mobile app. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on:

  • You can now customize your home screen to best suit your workflow.
  • The in-app camera can now stamp location and date information into every photo.
  • We added the search bar to the top of the Home screen to help you find things faster.
  • The task details screen now allows you to click on links added to the task details.
  • We updated the in-app confirmation message when you order an EagleView report, request a payment, and send an email.
  • Filters on the job list now persist between app sessions.
  • Filtering on several other screens will keep your filters between app sessions.
  • We updated photos to show in the order they’re taken in by default. 
  • JobNimbus now remembers your sort selection across all jobs and contacts.
  • You can now set documents as private.
  • From the job/contact, you can show or hide related information in the activity feed.
  • Board list filters will remain so you can always find the right board quickly.
  • You can now edit and view a note in full right from the activity feed.
  • We fixed a bug where a sales rep would auto-assign on a Contact when the Contact’s status was changed.
  • We took care of the bug that prevented call notes from saving.
  • We resolved an issue causing photos to appear at the bottom of the screen when the sort order is set to recently taken first.
  • We discovered and fixed a bug impacting our Engage users. While composing a new message, the app sometimes crashed depending on the text entered.
  • We fixed an app freeze when editing contacts and jobs inside of the Boards screen.
  • We squashed a bug that would inaccurately modify a photo’s original date/time in EXIF data.
  • We demolished a bug that caused hidden custom work order fields to be displayed.
  • We fixed a bug where notifications settings weren’t opening properly.
  • We fixed a bug where the Boards filter button would appear in the wrong color in dark mode.
  • We addressed a crash that would occur on devices running iOS 15.0 and 15.1.
  • We fixed a bug when using EagleView Smart Estimates.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented group managers from selecting team member calendars.

More Updates Coming Soon

We’re putting our all into making the best mobile roofing software we can possibly make. And with over 3,200 ratings and 4.8 stars, we’re confident JobNimbus can be the tool you need.

More exciting updates are coming very soon, so stay tuned for details!

Keep on learnin'

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