Web Update: Replying to and Forwarding Emails

In a continuing quest to help you build strong communication channels in our job management software, we’re announcing a pretty cool web update for how to use email in JobNimbus, plus an easier way for you to turn your digital docs back into paper.

Reply To and Forward Emails

For years, JobNimbus has been the place for storing your emails, capturing replies, and keeping a strong record among you, your customers, and your partners.

But we want to make sure that no email is left behind and that the conversation can keep going.

With this web update, when you get an email in JobNimbus, you can reply directly to that email inside of the web app. You can also forward that email to another party with one click.

HOW TO START: Head to the Activity for a Contact or Job where you’ve received an email. Click the ••• icon and choose “Reply” or “Forward”.

Print Attachments

One of our goals has always been to help you digitize your business, because we’ve seen how digitizing makes a company leanerfresher, more organized, more mobile, and more forward-thinking.

But, sometimes, a printer is still needed around the office for making paper versions to distribute to some customers, suppliers, and more. Our latest web update has added a “Print” option for attachments to help you get physical copies more easily.

HOW TO START: In the Attachments tab of any Contact or Job, use the ••• button to the right of an attachment and choose “Print”.

Start Using These Features Today

As always, these features are available right now in the web app. No downloading or updating is necessary.

We hope you enjoy these new tools in our construction management software as much as we’ve enjoyed getting them ready for you, and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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