🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report
🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

New: Note Email Templates, Advanced Workflows, Private Notes in v1.25

In v1.25, we’re bringing some brand new features to the table that are sure to increase your productivity, decrease busy work, and optimize your workflow.

A whole new way to send emails with Email Templates for Notes

This brand new feature brings a whole new way to send emails from JobNimbus like never before.

Now when you go to send an email from a Note on a contact or job, you can add templates to the note body to auto-fill in details and even use template fields to merge in information like the contact’s name, the job address, and more.

What’s more, email templates are so flexible that you can actually use just sections of an email (for example a company letterhead, an email signature, or a terms and conditions section) or you can insert whole emails with merge tags so you don’t have to type a single word before hitting “Send”.

To get started, you just need to create some email templates by going to the Templates tab in your Settings. The use the Add Template button to select Email.

You’ll never send emails from JobNimbus the same way again (well, you might, but just until we can get these templates available for when you email estimates, documents, and more).

We’ll be publishing more tips and tricks for how to get the most out of Email Templates over the next few weeks, so be sure to come back to our blog for more!

Create email templates


Oversee Each Step of Your Process With Advanced Workflows

Our recent updates to permissions in v1.24 was just the beginning. Today, we’re announcing an update to permissions with Advanced Workflows.

The idea of Advanced Workflows is that it gives more power and control to your group leaders and other admins to oversee contacts and/or jobs at certain stages and gives them, and only them, permission to move the job forward.

You can set who has permissions to move items to which statuses, and use automation to notify those team members that a job or contact requires their attention. Or, you can use the new @mention feature to communicate that a job is ready for revision.

Get started with Advanced Workflows by heading over to the Features tab in Settings and hitting Enable. Then, edit your Contact Workflows and Job Workflows to suit your needs.

Enable advanced workflows


Make Notes and Attachments Private

Another addition to our permissions overhaul from v1.24 is a new option to make certain notes and attachments private.

Sometimes you just need to add a note or an attachment that is “for your eyes only.” You know, all top secret, hush hush, 007 kinda stuff.

We’ve added a new checkbox on all notes and attachments (both new ones and ones that are already saved in JobNimbus) to make the note or attachment private. We’ve also added a new permission in Access Profiles to allow team members with that profile to see private items or not.

Once you’ve got your permissions set on each profile, you’re good to start uploading all those confidential FBI documents you’ve been hiding under the floorboards all those years.

Set privacy permissions


Performance Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and More

Never to be left out, we’ve made a flurry of improvements and fixed several bugs that were doing naughty things around the app.

You should notice the app moving quicker between pages and saving items faster as well, if even just a little bit here and there. Every little bit counts.

Start Using These Features Now

As always, the great thing about updates in JobNimbus is that they’re ready right now for you to use. No need to download, install, or fiddle with anything in order to get them to work.

Just log in to the web app and get started enjoying all the new features, all free and available now!

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