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Introducing Job Deposits in the New Sales Experience

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You’ve probably heard the news by now: we acquired SumoQuote! We’re so excited to implement SumoQuote’s robust estimating tools into JobNimbus over the coming months. 

As part of phase two, the New Sales Experience now includes the ability to request job deposits from your clients.

Whether you’re in roofing, gutters, or siding, you’re working big-ticket jobs. For security reasons, many contractors require a deposit or down payment at the beginning of the job. That skin in the game gets clients more invested in the project.

And now you’ll be able to get those down payments all within JobNimbus!

How It Works

You’ll have the option to request a down payment via the Authorization page when creating an estimate.

You can choose whether the deposit is a dollar amount or a percentage. Your choice will then be reflected on the authorization page when the homeowner signs the estimate, as well as the final PDF contract.

All JobNimbus users can collect job deposits, but the process is different if you currently do not have JobNimbus Payments, JobNimbus’s in-house payment processor.

If You Don’t Have JobNimbus Payments

You’ll collect the payment manually through your method of choice; you won’t have an option for the homeowner to pay digitally through JobNimbus.

If You Do Have JobNimbus Payments

With JobNimbus Payments, homeowners can pay the required deposit immediately after agreeing to the project terms without navigating away from the payment process.

If there is only ONE signee for the estimate

Your customer will immediately be taken to a payment page once they sign the estimate. In the email they receive with their quote, your customer will also have a button to submit their down payment to you digitally.

If there are MULTIPLE signees for the estimate

Once all required signees sign the quote, they will each receive an email with the signed quote PDF and the payment button.

3 Perks of Requesting Down Payments from Your Customers

Job deposits can be a major asset to your business. Here are just a few benefits that come from requesting down payments.

Improved Cash Flow

Requesting job deposits helps contractors manage expenses and maintain a healthy cash flow by receiving a portion of the payment upfront. 

Not sure how much of a deposit to ask for? Check out this guide to how much your down payments should be.

Financial Stability

Securing payments early on through down payments ensures financial stability and reduces financial risks during projects.

Professional Sales Experience

Smoothly transition homeowners from signing an estimate and paying a deposit to getting them on the path to paying their final invoice.

Present your polished proposal and the requested down payment in the same flow, eliminating friction in the process.

Try Out Job Deposits

The advantages of requesting down payments will help your contracting company flourish. See it in action for yourself by trying out the new Job Deposits feature in JobNimbus today*.

*NOTE: Job deposits and the New Sales Experience are currently available to new JobNimbus customers and some beta users. General availability to existing customers will roll out over the coming weeks and months.

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