JobNimbus Feedback Updates

JobNimbus updates for May 2019 came from feedback provided by our users. These were done due to suggestions that were submitted. If you have any suggestions or requests please visit our JobNimbus Feedback site. Check out all the cool stuff that happened!

New Feature

So many of you have been waiting for this and we’re excited to announce that the most requested feature is now live! Time-Based Automations are already massively improving the workflows of JobNimbus users.

This new feature will keep your team on track by:

  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Send emails automatically
  • Automatically create tasks
  • Keep your process on track

Find out how to set up the feature here.

Mobile Updates

  • The mobile app has been streamlined, making loading time much faster
  • Create/edit/convert work orders, material orders, estimates, invoices
  • Display work orders on the calendar
  • Attachment types are now viewable by attachment type icons
  • Users can now scroll through photos on the mobile app
  • Multiple “Sort” options now available: display name, company, date updated, first name, last name
  • Multiple “Filter” options now available: city, lead source, location, sales rep, status, tags, type, zip code
  • Calling, texting, and emailing a contact from the related job
  • You can now see ALL related notes for a customer
  • Improved task creation process, much simpler and not as many steps
  • Task type, title, and related contact or job are now shown
  • Customer info displays in the details section

Additional Updates

  • Duplicate line issue has been resolved
  • Click the customer address from the task, Google Maps will display the location
  • Attachments associated to the contact can now be easily added to an email
  • New announcement system
  • You can search by the following: contact and job, first and last name, display name, company name, and email address.
  • The search field within JobNimbus can be used to search for the following numbers: contact, job, task, invoice, estimate, phone (no special characters), street address, and zip code

Thanks for checking out the JobNimbus product updates. We’re excited to keep coming out with more. Don’t forget to check out JobNimbus Feedback to let us know what would make your JobNimbus experience amazing.

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