Top 7 JobNimbus Automations to Save Time and Make More Money

Among the many features of JobNimbus, automations are the most powerful tool to save time, motivate team members and customers, and increase sales. Think of all the repetitive tasks you do each day; sending emails to start and end jobs, informing team members of upcoming work, driving around collecting checks, and endlessly coordinating teams and processes. 

What if you had a digital assistant to do all of your tasks for you? With the average office worker spending 28% of the day on email1, think of all the time you would be able to rededicate to growing your business, spending time with your family, and doing the things you love.

Automations are a set of rules that complete set actions to when certain conditions are met, such as sending an automated email when a job has been completed. JobNimbus has set up automations around key portions of your business, including: Contacts and Jobs, Tasks, Estimates, Invoices, Work Orders, Material Orders, Payments, Attachments, and Activity. 

Automations can be used to create tasks for team members to complete, send preset emails to customers and others to inform and direct, connect to third party services through webhooks, and change statuses with JobNimbus to automatically track jobs as they progress.

Although there are hundreds of options for automations, here are the top 7 that anyone using JobNimbus should be using now to optimize time and profit.

For each automation, click on the title to see how each one will help your business and how to set it up.

AutomationSaves TimeIncreases RevenueCustomer Experience
Stop Losing Leads! Be informed when leads have not progressed within a set timeframe. X 
Appointment Reminders. Send an automated notification for appointments with customers and end no-shows.X X
High Priority Tasks. Find out if your team members have, or have not, completed important tasks you assign.XX 
Fast and Easy Payments and Collections. Send customer notifications when they have invoices or outstanding balances.XXX
Job Kick Off. Upon receiving customer signatures, send out tasks to order materials, schedule work orders, and more.X  
Job Close Out. When jobs are completed, send thank you emails, request referrals, send invoices, and more.XXX
Stalled Jobs. Receive notifications when jobs are stuck in a status, whether waiting on an estimate, waiting on materials, etc.XX 

While these are just a few automations that can help you now, there are hundreds of different ways to automate work within JobNimbus. Reach out to your growth advisor to learn about more ways to streamline your work or click here to see a comprehensive list of all available automation options.


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