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Top 12 Softwares for Contracting Businesses in 2021

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What is the best software for a contractor?

What is the best program for contractors? Running a business on pen and paper is becoming increasingly difficult and outdated. Small contractor software can be a game changer. With the plethora of tools out there for business owners to utilize, you’re falling behind if you’re not taking advantage of the technology designed to help your business grow and run smoother. From job management, to finances, to communication, take a look at all the different softwares for contracting businesses that can take you to the next level. These are some of the best programs for contractors.


JobNimbus exists simply to put small business general contractors on the right track toward organization, efficiency, and ultimately, profit and growth. From customers to schedules, boards to leads, jobs to payments, JobNimbus is the place to accurately update and track all company information. With the ability to access the information from anywhere and communicate with all contractors’ favorite companies, like Beacon, the convenience JobNimbus offers general contractor project management software that enhances the way businesses operate. On average, JobNimbus users see 43% revenue growth, 8 hours a week saved per person, and 25% more payments collected. Every business has the potential to grow to the same degree, and JobNimbus is here to make that success happen.


EagleView, one of the best programs for contractors provides aerial measurement services to assist you with building estimates and knowing how much material to order. With the highest resolution imagery in the industry, EagleView helps contractors build highly accurate property data. EagleView helps business owners to save on costs and safety risks, helping them to improve profitability and grow their business.


Track all your finances seamlessly with Quickbooks! Whether your business is big or small, Quickbooks accounting software helps you manage expenses, projects, invoices, and much more. Quickbooks meets all your financial needs as well as helps you keep track of users and sales. With Quickbooks, level up the way you organize your business and have a financial solution that can scale with your company’s growth.


Podium is the ultimate messaging platform, making it easy and convenient to interact with your customers. Originally founded upon the idea of building an accurate, authentic online reputation through reviews, Podium has developed into a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their customers the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights. Podium offers a way to interact with your customers to create trust in you and your company.


SumoQuotes instantly turns your quotes into winning sales presentation tools. With SumoQuote, contractors can become more efficient and professional by closing more deals and impressing clients with quickly built quotes. SumoQuote builds quotes specifically made for each client, making their quotes stand out from the competition.


Leap powers home services companies to go paperless and cut manual processes. Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process and brings together everything in one place. By automating key business functions, you save time and money and supercharge the in-home sales process. With Leap, you can run your entire sales process digitally from one application.


CompanyCam allows you to take photos with your phone and annotate those photos so you can tell the whole story for your jobs. The photos help give you get a window into the field to see exactly what everything looks like, along with the date, time, and location stamped on each photo. With CompanyCam, you can see when materials are delivered, stay on top of job progress, and assure customers you’re doing great work.
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SalesRabbit is a software tool for sales reps in the field that allows them to smartly and efficiently canvass an entire neighborhood, apartment building, or industrial complex. Using SalesRabbit’s mobile app, users are able to qualify a lead by marking who’s interested, who needs a follow-up, and leads that are interested. Every level of your sales organization will benefit from SalesRabbit’s platform, from reps to managers to executives.


Zapier is an online service that connects online programs and software. Zapier allows you to transfer data from one software to another based on triggers to and from these softwares via a method known as a “Zap.” These Zaps can also be used to perform additional actions that will make you more organized and efficient, such as sending an email or text message or updating a database.


WePay is a payments processing website, handling different transactions for a variety of reasons. From donation campaigns, to online merchants, to events, WePay is a great platform to start accepting payments online. Top-performing contractors prefer payments through WePay over other payment processors because it’s fast and integrates directly into different softwares. Use WePay to be more efficient in your workplace, helping you receive the payments you need in a timely manner.


Simplii is an all-in-one integrated solution for voice, dialers, text, marketing automation, and more. A completely customizable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider, Simplii helps contractors simplify their communications from anywhere and on any device.


Lendio is the nation’s leading small business loan marketplace. Lendio provides a free online service that helps business owners find the right small business loans within minutes. With a network of over 75 lenders offering multiple loan products, Lendio’s marketplace is the center of small business lending.

Technology can certainly be intimidating, especially if you’re used to running your business without it. While pen and paper may suffice, using different softwares can make your business more efficient, saving you time and money that can be put toward growing your business. These are some of the best programs for contractors

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