Amazingly easy. Stunningly fast.

JobNimbus is an all-in-one hub for your business. With JobNimbus, you can track sales, jobs, and tasks from a single, simplified interface. Because JobNimbus is mobile, you can access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business.

With a proven design and state-of-the-art technology, JobNimbus is built to be the simplest and fastest of its kind.

Track Your Jobs & Manage Production.

See and manage your roofing jobs like never before with interactive boards. Super easy to organize and with our drag and drop feature it was never been easier to update what jobs are in what part of the process.

Attach job photos, contracts, estimates, and more, then access it all from wherever you are.

Moving a task from the Estimate column to the Signed Contract column using JobNimbus Boards

Track leads.

All your contacts in one place.

Manage all your contacts in one simple-to-use and easy-to-search place. Move your contacts through your sales process. See important notes and communications like email and phone calls as soon as you view a contact.

Are you using multiple systems to manage your sales and your projects? With JobNimbus, everything is right at your fingertips in one application.

Get things done.

The next level of task management.

JobNimbus provides a simple way to track tasks for users and across your entire organization. With multiple task owners and email notifications, users will always stay in the loop. You can even track and assign tasks to any contact whether or not they’re a JobNimbus user.

Focus on the most important things that you have to get done and remove the clutter and wasted effort. Never let things fall through the cracks again.

Three shots of the JobNimbus mobile app, including home page, contact page, and signature page

Manage your files.

Store contracts, photos, and docs.

With JobNimbus, you can store documents and photos on a per-job basis or add them to your own organization-wide document database. View all documents associated with a job together in an easy-to-use interface. Send documents to customers and partners in one step.

Are your documents strung across computers, hard drives, and even hiding in emails? JobNimbus gets all your documents in one spot and keeps them organized.

Customize and automate your workflow.

Work your way to completion, we’ll do the rest.

JobNimbus lets you customize the workflow to match the way you work. Make as many or as few steps in your process as you like. Define how work moves through the system and track everything that happens on a job.

Never wonder about the status of a job again. Know what is happening on a job, when it happens. No matter how busy you are, JobNimbus helps you keep track of everything.

Build estimates and invoices

The fastest way to bid, win, and collect.

Keep track of all of your products and pricing. Build an invoice in seconds using auto-complete product names. Automatically apply tax rates and quantities in real time. Print or email a copy of the estimate or invoice to the customer with just a few clicks.

Send customers professional looking estimates faster. Convert estimates to invoices and make adjustments in one easy step. Make sure you are getting paid quickly and tracking things along the way.

Schedule your work.

Drive your business with schedules and tasks.

Create tasks and schedule work effort for jobs. Notify managers when work is being performed or is complete. Send and receive messages tied to a job so everyone is in the know. Use the calendar to track your day, week, or month.

Make and keep schedules that will actually be followed. Handle more jobs in less time. Move your business forward by keeping your employees busy and productive.

View the results.

Create powerful reports for everything you do.

Keep track of your sales pipeline. Report on job status. Check profit margin for specific job types. See where your business is growing and where attention is needed.

What could be better than getting real-time, relevant, and useful details about your business? You can even save custom reports you run so you’re always one click away from your most important reports.

Share and collaborate.

Get subcontractors, customers, and more into the game.

With JobNimbus’ unique “share” feature, you can share as little or as much information about a job with any third party you choose. That means pictures, documents, job status, and even notes are delivered directly to a customer, partner, or one-time sub contractor automatically and always up to date.

JobNimbus lets you be more transparent and responsive by delivering job information as it happens. Best of all, nothing clogs up an email inbox because you are sharing a private link to the real-time view of the information you want to share.

Map out your entire day.

Know where to be and when.

With maps, you can know exactly where you need to be at all times. From an individual Contact or Job, to your whole calendar, clicking the “Map” option will open the locations on a map so you can easily plan your day.

And if you’re using the JobNimbus mobile app, tapping on addresses will open them in your favorite maps app, helping you get directions to wherever you need to go.

Automatically build important documents.

Let JobNimbus fill out your contracts for you.

Easily create professional proposals using a simple editor. You can convert your contracts, proposals, and work orders into templates, then let JobNimbus fill them in automatically.

Allow customers to digitally sign your documents or print them and easily track paper signatures.

Track your time.

Every moment counts.

Set time estimates on tasks. Users can log their time on each task, adding notes to track progress. See how close a task is to being completed with progress bars right on your dashboard.

Find out if you’re on track, over estimating, or where you can improve to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Keep in touch with email integration.

Keep communication lines open and record every interaction.

Send email to your contacts directly from JobNimbus, or use your favorite email client (eg. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail) to send emails that get pulled in to JobNimbus and attached to the contact record.

Create valuable relationships with your customers by tracking your whole communication history.

Manage everything on the go.

Fit your office in your pocket.

Use the JobNimbus mobile app for iOS™ and Android™ and always have all your data with you wherever you go. Check your appointments for the day, upload photos from the job site, or even create estimates on the spot.

And, with a special offline mode that saves your work and syncs when you reconnect, you’ll never have to worry about losing your connection in the field.

Share calendars.

Maintain everyone’s schedules together.

Use the calendar to see everyone’s open tasks across your entire organization and plan each user’s day accordingly. JobNimbus also features 2-way sync with Google Calendar, making it even easier to see your JobNimbus tasks wherever you are.

You can also subscribe to your JobNimbus calendar in Outlook and Calendar for Mac/iOS.

Automate your workflow.

Let nothing fall through the cracks.

Set up triggers and actions to automate your customized workflow. Create tasks automatically whenever anyone changes a contact or job status. Send an email notifying an office manager of a new lead in JobNimbus.

You can automate your workflow to increase productivity, decrease errors and repetitive entries, and make sure nothing gets missed. Your only limit is your own creativity.

Laptop open with JobNimbus Boards showing different steps of a contractor's process

Grow your business

JobNimbus is more than software—it’s a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize profit with the simple, all-in-one tool.