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What is JobNimbus...........?

JobNimbus is a software for contractors

JobNimbus was built for contractors just like you to take your business to the next level by easily organizing, tracking, and automating your work using the most-trusted contractor software.

How JobNimbus Gives You Incredible Results

We want you to spend time doing the things you love.

JobNimbus gives you all the functionality you need, starting from tracking a lead all the way to collecting payments and completing a job.

You’re Gonna Love JobNimbus

From small businesses to enterprise companies, JobNimbus is for everyone.
Contractor using JobNimbus mobile app on his phone

“I love the way everything is captured in the system and that others can see what's been done and by whom, as well as syncing with the mobile app functions! The way that email integration and A/R or correspondence is created and maintained with each customer is brilliant! This leaves other CSR systems I've worked with in the dust!”
Lisa K.
Halo Construction and Restoration

Powerful Contractor Software Tools Our Customers Love

Boards—Stay Organized

Keep all your job information organized in one easily accessible space. Boards give you a bird’s-eye view into your projects so you can increase efficiency.

Automations—Save Time

Cut down mundane, repetitive tasks. Set up the automation once, and the system will keep it going for as long as you need. Just imagine what you can do with the time that Automations put back into your day!

Mobile—Manage while On the Go

With the JobNimbus mobile app, you have everything you need to run your business even while you’re at the job site. Cut down on calls to the office and empower your team in the field for more efficient jobs.

We Are Just Getting Started

Look at some of the other JobNimbus tools our contractors love.

Illustration of estimate software


Increase close-rate speeds, reduce errors, and boost estimate accuracy.


Connect all your favorite software programs into one convenient space.
Illustration of calendar software on a mobile phone


Keep your team hyper-focused and your jobs on schedule.
Engage messaging software on a laptop


Send and receive customer texts right from your CRM.

From Roofers to Excavators and Everything Exterior, Contractors Are Turning to JobNimbus to Organize and Grow Their Business

Why wait? Let’s get started on your hero’s journey today. The sooner you optimize your business with JobNimbus, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy more organization, more free time, and more profit.