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Simple and Powerful Job Management Software​

JobNimbus makes managing your jobs easy with every tool you need for CRM and project management.

  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments

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G2 Leader Winter 2022 award given to JobNimbus
JobNimbus High Performer Winter award 2022 from G2
JobNimbus wins the G2 accolade for Small Business Best Support in Winter of 2021
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JobNimbus award from G2 for High Performer Summer 2021
G2 2021 Winter award for Best Results Small Business given to JobNimbus
JobNimbus awarded G2's Users Most Likely to Recommend Small Business in the Winter of 2021 award
JobNimbus wins the G2 Best Estimated ROI Fall 2020 award
G2 Fastest Implementation Fall 2020 JobNimbus award

What is the best job management software for contractors?

JobNimbus gets the entire team on track to organize their tasks. Project managers can see team members progress in the field in real-time as they check off their task lists.

Each time a new job is created, automations can be set up with task lists for project-based work or even to welcome the customer aboard. Helpful features streamline work and manage leads. With an intuitive interface, team collaboration is easy, even if you “are not a computer person.”

On average, JobNimbus users see…

Revenue growth
1 %
Hours a Week Saved Per Person
More Payments Collected
1 %

Manage Your Jobs From Anywhere

Stay up to date wherever you happen to be with mobile access from any browser, smartphone, or tablet. Access contact info, take and upload pictures, and manage your schedule at any time.

Build Important Relationships

Track your leads and contacts with notes and documents. Create, send, and track estimates, proposals, and invoices. Manage and grow important relationships to build customer loyalty.

Stay Organized, Even On The Go

JobNimbus makes job and task management easy with shared calendars and reminders. Build useful live reports to stay on top of your business. Never let anything fall through the cracks.

A Better Way to Get Things Done

There are plenty of ways to open a can of tuna: you could use a can-opener, a knife, try opening it with a rock, etc. While most methods get the job done sooner or later, there are other ways that are just faster, more reliable, simply… better.

Likewise, there are several ways to manage jobs and they can range from high-maintenance to inefficient to really expensive. However, there is no question that the best way to run a business is with job management software. No other home-cooked system can bring you better results or save you more headaches than a fully mobilized online solution.

Job management software systems have been around for a while but let’s face it: up until now, no customer relationship management software has been able to truly hit the nail on the head. CRM systems are infamous for being complicated, messy, and downright unusable. But all that is about to change.

Software That Isn’t There

Any software should be an invisible window to productivity. The best software out there makes you forget that you’re using it. You may have had a bad experience with a CRM or two before. We understand that, which is why with JobNimbus, we’ve worked our fingers to the bone trying to make the best darn job management system we know how. After many, many long hours, JobNimbus is job management software done right, finally.

In the work environment there is so much to think about. JobNimbus puts you in control of everything and everyone.

With JobNimbus’ job management software you can…

  • Handle staff and clients
  • Manage jobs and assignments
  • Organize materials and budget
  • Plan for the future

The secret to every great hamburger is in the sauce. The secret to JobNimbus’ job management software is in the juicy insides. Our software provides you with a quick and simple, yet powerful, tool belt of features and accessories necessary for your business’ continued growth and success.

By using JobNimbus, you’ll have fast and easy access to your contacts, jobs, customers, calendars, and more. Anything you could ever think of to help make your business more efficient is already a major feature in our system. Plus, with everything saved in the cloud, you’ll always have what you need saved for a rainy day (or two).

Learn More

To learn more about how it works and how JobNimbus can help your business specifically, be sure to click here. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We will be happy to hear from you and glad to introduce you to your ticket to efficiency and success.

What is the best task management software?

JobNimbus allows small teams to complete specific tasks and to do lists on site. JobNimbus has detailed reporting so that you can monitor progress of jobs. Task management is a core feature of JobNimbus. Keep everyone on the same page, let project managers and office personal see how each team member is in their task progress.

What is cloud based job management software?

Cloud based software is more accessible than traditional project management software. Traditional software is downloaded on a computer where as cloud software is stored online. You can easily manage complex projects and track progress on an Ipad out in the field with cloud based software. Task planning and task management is much easier because you can manage tasks from your phone as you complete them.

Multiple jobs can be managed at once because an automation can assign tasks automatically for new jobs. Production crews in the field can track progress on the job. Office staff can easily pull reports and see team members and where they are at on a job.

Integrated solutions

Work becomes easy with integrated solutions. JobNimbus integrates with a suite of tools to make your business efficient. Get up-to-date pricing on materials with Beacon, quickly sync accounting data with Quickbooks and even offer your customers creative ways to finance with Wisetack. All resulting in getting more done with less time.

And many more features


Less busy work with a digital personal assistant.


Financial visibility, project revenue, hold your team accountable.


Get to the right place at the right time.


Improve scheduling and job accuracy.


Contracts, invoices, estimates, material orders, and work orders.

Photo Archive

Get the right photo on the right job


Optimize processes. Increase job capacity and efficient.


Info everywhere and anywhere. Real time visibility.


Know your customers, never lose a lead.

Want to see it in action?

See just how well JobNimbus can work for your sales team, production, managers, and office as a job management software.

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