5 Ways to Use Time-Based Automations

Time-based automations are a great way to increase productivity. Change a status automatically after a period of days, send reminders before an appointment, or change from one status to another automatically! ​Time-based automations are wonderful for re-occurring work or quarterly maintenance.

JobNimbus is super excited to now have time-based automations as a feature. Here are 5 ways you can use it:​

1. Send Emails

Set up an automatic email to customers within our job management software to let them know the status of their job or send an email to your team after a certain task is completed. For more info, see how to set it up in your JobNimbus account here.

2. Change Customer Status

Move your customer to another status automatically after certain tasks are done or after a certain amount of time. From the time the sale is made to the first appointment, you can stay on track.

3. Create a Task

In the JobNimbus construction management software, create a task for a job after a certain amount of time or after a work order or job status has changed. This can show up on your calendar and be assigned to specific members of your team so you’re not waiting on each other.

4. Stay Ahead

You can automatically change a job status after different tasks are completed or after a certain amount of time. This can help keep processes on track and make sure nothing gets overlooked. Also, if your team is ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to keep that momentum going.

5. Send Reminders

Automate reminders to keep your teams on track. You can also create an appointment reminder for your team and for your customers. We also have other Automation Recipes you can check out on our Knowledge Base.

Ready to try it out? If you’re a current JobNimbus user, see how to set it up here.

Haven’t tried JobNimbus yet? Sign up for your free trial (no credit card required) here.

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