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10 Key Roof Software Features Every Roofer Should Have

What if there was a way for you to get roofing work done faster, make customers happier, and expand your company? What if we told you that roof software can do all that and more?

Many roofers are capitalizing on this platform—in fact, 57% of roofers use a roofing software.

Roofing software is a powerful tool, but not every roof software has the features you need for your company. Here are 10 roof software features you shouldn’t live without.

Let’s dig in!

What Is Roof Software?

Roof software is a cloud-based software specifically created for roofing professionals. Roofing software assists roofers with everyday tasks like estimating, invoicing, and scheduling.

Roof software helps contractors manage their businesses for the most growth and profitability.

Think of roof software as the truss for your company. It gives you the support and structural framework you need to strengthen your business.

Why Use Roof Software?

Roofing software offers endless benefits to roofers.

With roofing software, you can:

  • Effectively manage multiple projects at once to increase your profits
  • Convert more leads to grow your customer base
  • Boost your productivity to get more jobs done in less time
  • Operate multiple locations to scale your roofing business
  • Track expenses to keep your business profitable
  • Improve communication between your team members to make things smoothly
  • Stay organized to get your projects through your pipeline
  • Keep jobs from slipping through the cracks to Increase customer satisfaction and boost your reputation
  • Follow up on outstanding invoices, so you get paid
  • Deliver unrivaled customer service to win over more customers

Roof software helps contractors manage their businesses for the most growth and profitability.

Essential Roof Software Features

Every roofing software offers a different set of features. The trick is knowing which features you need to grow and which ones are just nice to have.

These are 10 of the most important roof software features:


Automations streamline your business and can save hours of work each week. Give your company the power to run without manually doing everything.

You don’t need automations for everything, just for what would be most helpful to you. If you send lots of emails, look for roof software with automated emails and email templates. If you have to keep checking to see if an estimate is signed, choose a roof software that sends a notification as soon as the customer leaves their signature.


You need a software that works with all the platforms you use to run your roofing business. The right roof software is compatible with roofing suppliers, aerial imaging software, Google and Microsoft calendars, and accounting software like QuickBooks for complete job management in one place.


With a whopping 8x higher response rate than emails, text is the best way to reach your customers. Whether a homeowner has a question or you’re sending an invoice, texting for contactors is here to help.

If you text customers on your personal phone, you might wonder why you need business texting through your roof software. Texting gives you the convenience of sending messages within the software, so you never have to get out to send or read a text message.

Integrated texting also makes it easy to search past messages, see what your team is saying, and have consistent messaging. Plus, you can archive all messages so they stay in your business even if a team member quits.


Billing customers when you’re using a paper system can be a nightmare. Invoices can get shuffled and never sent, checks can get misplaced, and you’re left with unpaid jobs. Roof software gives you a paperless experience to reduce inaccuracies and misplaced documents. Choose a roof software that lets you build—and send—customizable invoices to your customers.

For an even better billing experience, find a roof software that accepts digital payments directly from your customers. You’ll get paid faster and save yourself the hassle of taking checks to the bank.

Job Estimating

Quick and professional estimates give you a leg up on your competition. Instead of creating roofing estimates by hand, you can input the job information, and roof software will make a professional estimate in no time.

Look for roof software that will let you add a personal touch to your quotes, like the customer’s name and your company’s logo.


It’s a great idea to take photos of the roof to share with your client. It will give you credibility, and you can use those pictures to document your progress on the project. If your customer approves, you can even use those pictures for a before-and-after comparison that highlights the quality of your work.

With an effective roof software, you can take and store your roofing photos right on the platform.

Job Scheduling

Roof software makes it easy to keep track of upcoming jobs and your team members’ schedules, whether they’re in the office or at the job site. Roof software gives you insights into subcontractor appointments, material orders, and work orders so you always know what’s happening inside your roofing business. Check out these 10 pro tips to help keep your roofing jobs on schedule.


Tracking your roofing successes will give you insight into how to best run your business. The best roofing software platforms have reports and templates you can use to get that insight. Look for roof software with reports for budgets, commissions, estimates, lead sources, and outstanding payments.

Mobile & Desktop Capabilities

Your roofing business goes beyond your office walls. You need a roofing software that does too. A roof software with mobile and desktop capabilities will give you the ultimate flexibility to run your business wherever you are.

Be sure to get a roof software that syncs between all your devices. Multiple-device syncing will keep everyone up to speed with real-time updates. You can use the roof software to put in a material order while your sales reps add leads and your field team looks up a job. Everyone can work at the same time on the same software.


Businesses that make a budget will likely stay within it. Setting roof job budgets will help you lower costs and keep more of what you earn. Instead of tracking your budget on an Excel spreadsheet or paper, you can store your budgets directly in a roof software. Roof software with budgeting features connects the cost of the job to the job itself, so you can easily see if you’re on track.

Bonus Features for Roofers

Here are some features that aren’t necessary but will help make running your business easier.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking helps you see where your clients are coming from. Whether your customers come through referrals or billboards, a roofing software will keep track of them all. You’ll be able to find the best lead source so that you know where to put your marketing efforts.

Contact Management

Roof software lets you save your clients as contacts in the system. Connect the contact to each of their jobs and keep track of where they are in your workflow. Roofing software makes it a piece of cake to keep your contacts organized.


As a roofing contractor, you perform different tasks like repairing roofs, creating work orders, and sending invoices. Roof software lets you stay in touch with your tasks, so you can see which ones are finished, what’s left, and who needs to get it done.


When you work on a roofing project, you might need to jot down some notes about the job. Instead of using sticky notes that easily get misplaced or lost, write your notes in a roof software. Having a designated place for notes will keep your job information in one place.

Run Your Roofing Business with Ease

Just like you need the right tools to work on a roof, you need the right tools to run your business. Roof software is a roofer’s best tool for project management from start to finish.

When you’re looking for a roofing software for your company, be sure to check for essential features like estimating, invoicing, and integrations. Additional features will help push your company to a higher level of greatness.

JobNimbus has all the features you need to run your roofing business. Our roof software platform will help you improve your business processes today. What roof software features can your business not live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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