How Job Management Software Can Transform Your Business

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As a contractor, you’re probably overworked, exhausted, and can’t seem to keep track of your contracting schedule. In a word, it’s chaotic. For years, you’ve probably found yourself thinking, “There has to be a better way.”

Well, you’re in luck because you’re right—there is a better way. Introducing job management software and a job management app: the missing link that your contracting business has needed all along.

A job management system is an end-to-end solution for your contracting business. With job management software, you’ll be able to:

  • Track leads
  • Monitor sales
  • Organize tasks
  • Track production
  • Track material orders
  • Keep an eye on crew assignments
  • Manage invoicing

You can accomplish all of this and more with a job management system—all in one centralized place.

Say goodbye to the days you’ve spent continuously worrying about losing information or tasks falling through the cracks. Now, it will all be streamlined and stored inside your job management system.

Shifting Your Mindset on Work-Life Balance

As a contractor, you may be asking yourself, “Work-life balance? What is that?” Contractors typically work extremely hard, long hours most days of the week. Not to mention the on-call hours and demanding schedule.

Finding the right work-life balance can be overwhelming. Often, you don’t even have time left over to spend with family.

Work-life balance is essential to the modern worker, and the same goes for those in the contracting industry.

In fact, work-life balance is so important to workers that 58% of contractors say they value it over pay. Knowing what workers want is increasingly important as the industry faces a labor shortage.

A study found that nearly 90% of contractors reported some difficulty finding skilled workers, with 59% stating that it is quite difficult for them to find and hire skilled workers.

We know that most individuals want a balance between their work lives and personal lives. But how can we give it to them?

With job management software, you can finally find out what work-life balance really is. It gives you your life back. You’ll go from flying by the seat of your pants to easily maintaining your business and even growing.

Managing your tasks, assignments, and administrative work through a job management system streamlines your business and saves you time. What will you be able to do with all that extra time? Just think of all the possibilities.

What Can Task Management Software Do for Me?

Despite working long hours, your contracting business isn’t growing the way you envisioned. It can be difficult to focus on the future of your business when you’re simply trying to keep your head above water.

That’s where task management software comes into play. When you level up your company with a job management tool, you’re able to optimize your business to appropriately scale for growth.

Maybe a math equation will help us explain how a job management tool can revolutionize your work life. You + job management software = a more organized, efficient, and profitable you.

Essentially, you can accomplish more in less time. Plus, it makes your life easier.

The best job management tool empowers you to become the new and improved contractor you’ve always dreamed of being. Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry, we don’t need to pinch you. This is real!

Track the Statuses of Your Jobs

Job management software helps you keep track of your jobs by displaying exactly where you are in the process with each job. Job management software allows you to assign task statuses such as:

  • Lead
  • Appointment scheduled
  • Estimate sent
  • Sold
  • In progress
  • Work completed
  • Invoice sent
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • Closed

You’re able to manage all your jobs in one place. You’ll never lose track of where a job is in your pipeline again. Instead, you’ll be able to see the status of each job at a glance.

Cut out Mundane Tasks

Imagine a world where those menial and repetitive tasks can be automated, freeing up your time to get the important work done. With the right job management tool, that dream becomes a reality thanks to automation technology.

Work from Anywhere

Contractors are constantly on the go. On the way to and from jobs, talking to suppliers, stopping by the office, and more. That’s why choosing a software that offers a job management app to complement the tool is so important.

Keep Everyone Updated

Using a job management app allows you and your team to stay connected and always know what’s going on. You can easily use it while out in the field, driving to a job, or from home. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

Have Happier Customers

When you’re more organized, customers will start to notice. The improved customer experience will help build better customer relationships, loyalty, and eventually create customer evangelists.

What are customer evangelists, you ask? They are customers who love your service so much that they now tell their friends and recommend your services to anyone who will listen—completely free of charge.

Keep Your Team Happy

Not only will your customers love the new and improved contracting workflow, but your staff will too. Utilizing this software helps you handle your staff more efficiently as well.

Shortly after implementing a job management tool, you’ll start to see your contracting business transform into a streamlined, high-performing machine.

Best Practices to Implement Task Management Software

Now that you understand what job management software is and why you need it, it’s time to give you the best practices you’ll need to successfully implement the software at your company.

To get you up and running with the tool, it’s important to have appropriate expectations. Onboarding a new software system is never an easy feat but remember that it will be worth it once it’s fully operational.

Here are three tips to help the transitional process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Set proper expectations: It’s unrealistic to expect your new job management software solution to be up and running in a single afternoon.

Instead of having overly ambitious expectations for your software, sit down with your team ahead of time and set some clear expectations for how the process will go.

It’s a good idea to include your software provider in this conversation, as they can share helpful insights to help you align expectations.

2. Assign a champion of the tool: Starting a new job management software tool can be a big project for your business. It’s a good idea to assign a champion to own the project.

This person will be responsible for researching different solution choices and helping oversee the implementation of the tool. In the long run, it’s best to have a dedicated staff member in charge of this process.

Without a champion assigned to oversee the job, you can run into the trap of never fully implementing your tool and missing out on its full capabilities.

3. Create clear goals: When you onboard a new software solution, you should do so with clear goals in mind. Create a plan to successfully launch a job management tool at your business and include actionable goals with it.

Job management software can transform your business and keep things organized in one place. Implementing the best tool can improve work-life balance and make you the top option for the best talent looking for work.

What pain points could job management solve for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Job management software can transform your business and keep things organized in one place. Implementing the best tool can improve work-life balance and make you the top option for the best talent looking for work.

What pain points could job management solve for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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