Finding a CRM Roofing Solution Just Got Easier

Finding a top CRM Roofing Solution doesn’t have to be a huge to-do item. Yes, you can get lost in the maze of possible CRM solutions, but you’ll probably save yourself time and money by checking out JobNimbus first. Here’s why.

Quick List of Problems Solved With JobNimbus as Your CRM Roofing Solution

Your CRM roofing solution should be powerful but easy to use. By coupling CRM features with a project management toolset, JobNimbus offers simplicity and functionality. Think of JobNimbus as an arsenal of customer relationship management power tools in one cohesive solution. After all, your roofing business gets complicated enough without worrying about your CRM!

Here’s a peek into the breadth of CRM roofing solutions JobNimbus can bring you and your team:

1) Sales Flow

You need to make it simple to capture, track, and follow-up on sales tasks. Your success depends on it—from tracking leads to winning repeat business.

For example, with JobNimbus, you’ll keep it all organized and moving forward by establishing a clearly-defined sales workflow. Place prospects into statuses using our popular boards view. As that prospect becomes a lead, then a customer, and so on, your team can track their progress every step of the way.

This keeps your team on the same page and heading toward a unified goal—happier customers, and more of them!

2) Paperwork and Documentation

You already know customers drive your business, or you wouldn’t be interested in this article. It’s easy to lose track of customer relationships unintentionally. Unfortunately, using the right documentation and paperwork can be a problem area for many well-intentioned roofing teams.

Supporting customer relationships better means managing the details. JobNimbus features templates, digital signatures, and synced customer notes, for example. By using the smartest solutions available for desktop, web, and mobile—as found in JobNimbus—your entire team gets documentation right. From work order templates to customizable customer record management, JobNimbus has you covered.

3) Images and Annotations

A picture says a thousand words, so why even mess with a CRM roofing solution that doesn’t offer photo integration? JobNimbus has it right out of the box, with our industry-leading mobile app. Just open your job in the app, take one or multiple pictures, tag or categorize them, then upload with a single tap.

Think about how useful taking a quick photo can be when describing an installation problem to other team members, for example. Or, consider how useful an annotated image could be to document a customer’s preferences as you begin designing your proposed solution.

Photos are also just the beginning of how JobNimbus might take your communication to the next level, which leads us to . . .

4) Field-to-Office Communication

No matter how far business takes your roofing team, JobNimbus keeps everyone coordinated and unified in the cloud.

No Wi-Fi? You can still access important information and even use the mobile app offline—everything syncs up once the connection is restored.

Your office and field teams can collaborate from their phone, tablet, or web browser—and that ends up helping customers. They’ll feel like they’re working with someone who can reach back to a powerhouse of combined talent and expertise—because that’s exactly what they get when working with a company powered by our CRM roofing solution.

5) Customization

The JobNimbus user interface is simple. We keep a lot of extras turned off by default because, lets face it, less is more!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t expand those features. We won’t even ask you to upgrade your account to a new tier. When you need an additional tool, don’t be surprised to find it ready for you, at the flip of a switch, in your account settings. If there’s anything you’re not finding, let us know and we can help troubleshoot a possible solution.

Take Our Industry-Leading CRM Roofing Solution for a Spin

Taking care of customers while getting tasks done more quickly could transform how you do business. You’ll have more time to focus on what drives business, and you’ll very likely enjoy your business the way you’ve always hoped you would. There’s no reason to delay getting to that level—and it’s an approach that’s more likely to keep your customers coming back.

So give it a spin! You can jump in with our free 14-day trial today.

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