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How Using Solar Sales Software For Installations Saves You Cash

Solar energy technology has been around for quite a while now, though recent advances and developments  , In fact, the idea of harvesting solar energy has been around since at least the 1800s.

But even after so many years, the technology is still pretty expensive.

Right now the industry is covered by some pretty nice subsidies from the government, but there’s no telling how long the subsidies are going to last or stay this high until we don’t need them anymore.

So for the time being, solar installation companies will need to find ways to cut costs as much as possible in order to maximize profits.

That means finding ways other than just trying to use cheaper cells in order to decrease costs and, subsequently increase revenue.

That’s where solar CRM software can come in and fill in the gap’s to ensure a more profitable business model.

Where Solar Sales Software Can Help

The way solar sales and project management software works is that it allows you to increase efficiency in your process and provide to the tools to effectively blow through your workflow.

The first way to help make sure you’re actually becoming more efficient is to make sure that you’re not having to learn a new system and delay further sales before you can actually learn that system. Solar sales software helps in this way by taking your existing workflow for both sales and production and allowing you to use that same workflow in a more efficient way.


Part of that efficiency just comes from making sure that everything is categorized correctly. Making sure your contacts are all together in one place requires that you also have a way to distinguish between certain clients and or other contacts that might be suppliers, vendors, partners, subcontractors, and more.

With solar CRM software, you’ll have the control to set these categories for yourself without losing the freedom to name them what you want or have as many as you need.


Having all your contacts and jobs in one place also means that everyone can, and needs to, access them from wherever they are. If you just have an Excel spreadsheet with your contacts on one computer, no one will be able to get to it when they’re out in the field, but if you have it in a mobile CRM, access is just a tap away.

JobNimbus’ mobile app, specifically, gives your team members the ability to access contacts and jobs from the field, not only by seeing them but also editing them, adding to them, or even deleting them if necessary. It’s full-featured while on-the-go, allowing you more mobility and saving you more time than ever.

No more waiting in the office to figure things out. You’ve got your full task list with work orders and instructions right on the job site.


Now that everyone is out in the field more often getting more work done, you’ll need a way to push information to your team members so they know where to go next if something comes up.

Solar software helps here, too, by sending automatic notifications when you assign other team members to new contacts, jobs, tasks, and more. You’ll also be able to add notes to these items, and even mention other team members in your notes so they get notified immediately about those chunks of information.


And even beyond the communications you send, you can also set the solar management system up to automate some of your most-frequently repeated to-do’s. Things like sending notifications when jobs reach a certain status, or assigning work when a contact is ready for estimating.

With automation, a lot of your current busy work can be off-shored, leaving you more time to do the work that actually brings in the money.


When it comes to solar installations, sales and production management software is an invaluable asset. Right now, the climate is ripe with subsidies and technological advancements to allow you a great business model, but there’s no telling when things might change.

Prepare for the worst while maximizing for the best with solar CRM software.

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