How To: Mention Or Notify A Team Member About A New Note

There comes a time in every team member’s life where he or she just needs to let someone else know about something that happened with a lead or a job.

A manager needs to know that materials have been ordered, a sales rep needs to inform the office that a contract has been signed, or you might just need to quickly ask someone how a lead is coming along?

That’s why we added @mentions to JobNimbus, an easy way for you to tag a fellow team member to a note and for them to get a notification to their email with that exact note. This allows you to stay closer to every member of your team, even when you’re miles apart.

How Do I Mention A Team Member?

Since it’s something we know you’ll use often, we wanted to make it dead simple to remember and do whenever you need.

If you’ve used Facebook, Twitter, or Slack, you already know how this works (though with Facebook, there is one extra step to mention on JobNimbus). It goes a little something like this:


Add a note

The first thing you need to do is add a note to any contact or job. The great thing about @mentions is they’re flexible, so you can write a normal note just like you would write to record any other information on that contact or job.


Type the @ symbol

Then, wherever you’d like within the note section, just type the @ symbol on your keyboard.

To type @ on PC/Mac: SHIFT + 2

This will bring up a menu automatically that shows you a list of all the team members on your account, as well as a search bar to filter the list.


Choose team member(s)

From the menu, find the team member you’d like to mention and be notified about this note. You can either scroll down the list, or start typing the name of the team member, and then make your selection. Just typing one character will start the filter, making it really fast and easy to get to the team member you want.

Even better, you can mention as many team members as you need in a single note. Just make your first selection, then type the @ symbol again and choose another. Repeat if you need to add more.


Save note

Now all you need to do is save your note. Hit the “Add Note” button and you’re good to go. This will save the note to the file and immediately send email notifications to each and every team member that you mentioned.

In that email, they’ll not only see that they’ve been mentioned, who mentioned them, and what contact or job they mentioned them on; but they’ll also be able to see the full note right there in their email. What’s more, they’ll have a button they can use to go right to the contact or job the note is attached to.


No matter what you need to communicate to your team, the easiest, fastest way to communicate it is using @mentions. Not only are you able to keep communication lines open with every member of your team, but all of your communication stays in one place that can easily be searched and referenced when you need it.

Now go ahead and give it a shot! There’s no better time to start mentioning your team members and collaborating!

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