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How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Roofing Services

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Businesses should always look to improve. Certain aspects of service processes or internal communications may need some work. For customer-centric companies like roofing services, consider how you receive and implement feedback.

Getting comments from patrons can be empowering. In some cases, it can also help with client acquisition and business growth in the long run. If your company doesn’t gather and utilize feedback yet, now is the best time to start.

Types of Feedback You May Receive

Feedback can be a powerful tool for the image of your business and offerings. In 2021, almost 70% of customers read at least one to six reviews before making a purchase. The same survey found that 14.6% may read more than 10 evaluations.

Here’s an overview of the type of customer feedback your roofing services can receive:

  • Praise: Positive reviews can elevate your business. They highlight a facet of the service they appreciate. For instance, they’ll commend how your employees treated them or say how happy they are with how their roofing project turned out.
  • Constructive: Constructive criticism can occasionally occur when a customer feels they did not get adequate treatment from a business. Patrons will typically commend the efforts but give a few notes on improving the service in the long run.
  • Negative: Negative feedback is sent when someone has a poor customer experience. While it can feel like the customer is simply attacking your brand without any basis, you must put malice aside and look deeper into their comments.

Promoting Customer Feedback

Customer assessments naturally come when your roofing service is in operation. However, a crucial part of business growth is actively incorporating and working with reviews. Consider these tips when promoting feedback as part of your enterprise.

Request Feedback

Not every customer will have strong feelings about each service they receive. However, every small business relies on word-of-mouth marketing to move forward. Encourage everyone to provide feedback once you complete their project.

Let them know they can be as honest as possible in their write-up regarding your business. You can also arrange to give them a discount on their next service if they leave a review.

Anticipate and Recognize

After a roofing project, wait for the review and reply to it. Acknowledge the evaluation sooner rather than later, as it builds an image of attentiveness. Thank customers for choosing your roofing services, and express a desire to work with them again soon.

If you receive constructive or negative reviews, practice being courteous. Be mindful of your language when speaking to your business’s present and future clients. Acknowledge your shortcomings and state that your roofing company will do better in the future.

Check out our blog post for more ways to respond to online reviews.

Add a Personal Touch

Some roofing companies may feel compelled to copy and paste the same message to each review. However, customers will feel like you aren’t genuinely hearing their sentiments. When addressing feedback, add a personal touch to the replies.

Use the patron’s name when replying to them. Try to recall the project and note how you think you could have improved, too. Putting in the extra time and effort can lead to a fruitful exchange that showcases your commitment to improvement.

Utilize Your Feedback

Customers can feel frustrated if your business keeps your services the same despite the comments they left. Strive to do better based on the evaluation received. You can even announce new processes you’re incorporating to improve.

For example, you receive a complaint about delays with broken roofing materials. To safely transport items, you now use special tie-down techniques to secure the load to the truck first. Train employees on how to handle the items to minimize scratches and other issues.

Improve the Review Submission Process

To incorporate customer feedback, you have to make the submission process easier. For example, have a website page dedicated to submitting reviews.

You can also generate a short URL on your Google Business Profile. When you finish a project, email your client the link and anticipate the review.

Monitor to Be Consistent

Like all aspects of your business, consistency is key. Always ask clients to leave a review for your business. Address the comments and focus on becoming even better than before. Patrons will appreciate your roofing service’s drive to deliver a good customer experience.

Take Roofing Service to the Next Level

Customer feedback is an underrated necessity for improving your roofing service. Strive to create openness and transparency with your clientele, and follow the tips above to foster your roofing business.

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