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How Storm Tracking Apps Help Generate Roofing Leads

When you hear a dangerous storm is coming, your first thought would likely be to head indoors where it’s safe. But for roofers, storms are worth knowing about. Most people don’t even consider their roofs until the damage is done, and damage is caused by storms.

Storm tracking apps notify roofers on recent weather events, giving them the opportunity to fix damaged roofs and help new clients. This tool can also result in generating qualified leads for roofing businesses.

Here’s how:

You can map where storms occur from a local to national scale. Whether you want to focus on homes in your remote area or homes in the next state, storm tracking apps will show you weather patterns based off your geographic location, as well as from around the country to give you a sense of where to set up your next station.

You can see what types of weather damage has been done. From tornados and hurricanes to hail and thunderstorms, storm tracking apps will show you areas experiencing different types of storms. There are apps that focus on specific storms like Hail Trace, an app that specifically finds hail storms. If you have a preference on what kind of storm damage you like to work on, storm tracking can help you find homes that need fixing.

You can instantly access information about potential clients. Storm tracking apps can provide premium data on contacts near a location. With this, you can seek customers that require your service and give them what they’re looking for. As mentioned before, Hail Trace provides all these key features, plus more (they also integrate with JobNimbus). You might not always have the same customers, but something you will always have is storms, there are leads. Try out a storm tracking app to stay on top of hot prospects.

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