How to Create a Live Report in Your JobNimbus App

One of the key ingredients of construction management software is the ability to see your data from every angle. Having a live report feature allows you to know exactly what is going on in your sales cycle at all times, giving you key data on how to improve.

JobNimbus provides a powerful live report builder to filter, sort, and report on all of your data. Setting up a report is simple and straight forward. Once you complete one live report, creating another goes even quicker. Let’s make one together!

Creating a New Live Report

To add a report or view existing reports, click the Reports link on the left navigation.

To create a new report, click on the action menu in the top right corner. You’ll get a list of report types to choose from.

You can create a live report for just about every part of JobNimbus, including:

Task Report – Allows you to report on tasks by user, job, and contact.
Job Report – Report on job data like statuses, job types, sales reps, and job locations.
Contact Report – Report on contacts, leads, statuses, contact types, and sales reps.
Activity Report – Reports on notes, job, contact, or task events (such as adding, deleting, editing) and status changes.
Estimate Report – Reports on estimates by date range, by job, by contact, and allows you to sum estimate amounts and overall totals.
Invoice Report – Reports on invoices by date range, by job, by contact, and allows you to sum invoice amounts and remaining amounts due as well as overall totals.
Document Report – Reports on documents created by job or contact.
Time Log Report – Reports on time logged for tasks, jobs, or contacts. Allows you to run time log reports for users.

Each of these can be created and saved independently, and you can also create multiple reports of the same type.

Creating a Report

For this example, let’s create a Job Report for reporting on all jobs by their status.

Choose the Create Job Report option to create a new job report. You will be taken to the report edit screen where you can set the details of the report including the sorting, filtering, and adjustment of the visible data.

The basic fields of the live report allow you to set the name you want to call this report and the number of records to display.

These fields are:

Name – The name you want to give to this report.
Description – A quick description of what this report is about.
Records per page – The number of records to display per page of data on the report.
Available to – Who can view this report. You can choose: Just Me (only you can see it), All Users (anyone can see the report), Admins Only (only admins can see it.)

Adding Columns

To add a column to the live report, hover over the Add Column drop down and then click on an item to add it to the report.

Remove Columns

To remove a column from the live report, you do the same thing. Just hover over the Remove Column drop down and then click on the item for the column you want to remove from the report.

Reordering Columns

To reorder your columns, just drag and drop the columns in the order that you want them to appear in the grid.

Sorting Columns

Click on a column title to sort ascending (A to Z). Click it again and the sorting will toggle to descending (Z to A). Click again to turn off sorting for that column.

Note that you can also sort multiple columns at the same time to do sub-sorting. These sorting options will be saved in the report.

Adding Filters

You can filter your data to exclude or include specific records for any column on your live report. For instance, you can add a filter to only show a particular status.

Since we’re showing jobs by status, let’s choose Status on the filter menu.

Choose the status you want to filter by, then click the Apply button to put this filter into effect.

The filters that you have currently applied are listed above the report. Click the Remove link to remove a filter. Click the Edit link if you want to change the settings of the filter.

Adding Calculations

You can apply calculations to the live report for counting rows, summing number values, and even to calculate min and max.

Let’s add a count to the Status column by selecting the Count option in the calculations list.

Once the count is added, it will be displayed at the bottom of the status column.

Grouping Columns

You can group a column’s data to see the data by each type in the column.

To group by the status column, drag and drop the column onto the area that says, “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column.” This will group all jobs by status.

Saving a Report

Once you’ve got the live report set up how you want it, it’s time to save. Click the Save button at the top right to save the report.

This isn’t life or death, as you can come back to the Reports page where this report is now listed and you can edit the report at any time.

Since JobNimbus uses live reports, the data in the reports is dynamic. Depending on how you set your filters and calculations, you’ll see the reports update as you make changes to your contacts, jobs, financials, etc.

If you use this report often, you can add it to your Dashboard by clicking Customize at the top right of the Dashboard. Just check the box for this report, drag it to place it in the correct order, and click Save.

Exporting the Report

You can export a live report to both CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Microsoft Excel. Click on the action menu in the top right corner to access the export options of the report.

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