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"With automations, your company can almost run on its own."

— Dan Blanc of Fence King

Popular features that make a difference

Time-saving tools for fencing companies


Free up your time by letting the software complete repetitive tasks for you.


Connect all your fencing tools into one powerfull software solution.


Get the big picuture by visualizing exactly where each project is in your pipeline.

Mobile App

Have everything you need to effectively run your business anywhere you go.

Create automations for smoother, more consistent work​

Think of automations like a digital personal assistant.

You tell the “assistant” what tasks need to be performed for specific situations, and then the tasks are automatically completed when certain criteria are met. All you have to do is set up automations once, and then they run forever.

Think of all the time you will save with this one feature!

Event-Based Automations

When you create event-based automations, tasks are automatically performed based on the completion of specific events. For example, the system can email a customer after you mark a job as complete.

Time-Based Automations

Time-based automations are triggered based on hours, days, and weeks. For example, you might want to send a reminder to your customer 24 hours before their job. You set the automation up once, and every scheduled project gets an appointment reminder the day before the job.

JobNimbus fencing software comes with several prebuilt automation options, but is completely customizable. Create your own automations or use pre-made automations to run your fencing business your way.

Take a look at some of the most popular JobNimbus automations:


Use Automations to Free Up Resources & Cut Down on Busywork

Man at desk overwhelmed with stacks of paper, boxes, and clocks

Mundane daily tasks

Every fence business has mundane daily tasks they manage, and, most of the time these tasks require a team member to complete them. That’s where automations come in.

Woman at a desk using a software to make a digital copy of a document and email it

Easy triggers

An automation allows you to perform an action based on a specific trigger, which frees up the time and resources currently going towards manual tasks.
A woman at a desk talking on the phone

Save time

For example, most fence businesses email an invoice to their customers once a job is completed. Invoicing often involves downloading the invoice from invoicing software, uploading the invoice to an email, finding the customer’s email address, and drafting up an email.

With automations through JobNimbus, once a job is marked as “complete,” the invoice can be created and automatically emailed to your customer.

Two people drawing an S-shaped diagram on a whiteboard

Fencing industry tested automations

Once you start using automations in your fencing businesses, you’ll wish you would’ve started using them years ago because of how much time they can save you and your team.

JobNimbus has worked with thousands of contractors to automate tasks and eliminate time-consuming work that a machine can do. Because of this experience, we can help any fence contractor apply the same automations to free up resources and get more done with less.

Woman and man in an office with file folder and desk as symbols of signed documents, calendars, secure information, and payments.

Fully customizable

Don’t want to use pre-built automations? No problem! JobNimbus gives you the flexibility to create the automations you need. Not only does this leading fence software give you flexibility, but it’s also backed by a team of support professionals who are eager to help you set up automations that work for your fence business. If you run into any automation problems, our support team is here to walk you through the best solutions.

Here are a few examples of what automations can do to free up your time and resources:

No matter how you use automations, you’ll save time and make work easier.

Integrate with your favorite fencing tools

When you’re switching from one app to another all day, it’s time to consolidate your software with integrations.

We proudly integrate with partners who focus on bringing fencing software to the 21st century. Connecting these tools with JobNimbus gives you one platform where you can:

  • Updated your accounting with QuickBooks
  • Track sales with Sales Rabbit
  • Snap real-time photos and draw on them with CompanyCam
  • Apply for customer financing with Sunlight Financial
  • Collect digital payments with JobNimbus Payments


Have Everything in One Place

Running your fence business with more than one software gets complicated.

Without an integrated system, your typical flow might look like this when you get a new lead:

1 You log in to your lead software to add your lead’s contact information.

2 Copy and paste their email address into your email software.

3 Send them an email and write a note for your office manager to call the lead.

4 Your office manager calls the customer.

5 The office manager goes to a fence scheduling software to block out time for the job.

6 They go to a spreadsheet to document notes about their conversation.

1 You log in to your lead software to add your lead’s contact information.

2 Copy and paste their email address into your email software.

3 Send them an email and write a note for your office manager to call the lead.

4 Your office manager calls the customer.

5 Office manager goes to a fence scheduling software to block out time for the job.

6 They go to a spreadsheet to document notes about their conversation.

“You can usually take things that you’re already using and attach them to JobNimbus, and everything goes in one place. It’s a no-brainer.”
Dan B.
Fence King

Organize project workflows your way

Cookie-cutter project management is rarely the best option for your business. JobNimbus is completely customizable, so you can run your business the way that makes sense to you. Personalize the fence estimate software to fit your processes and get crucial insights into every aspect of your business.

Moving one job card from "In progress" to "Completed" using JobNimbus Boards

Business essentials at your side, any where, any time.

Take the #1 fencing app everywhere you go

Disorganized crews lead to repeat job visits, longer jobs, and lower customer satisfaction. Organize your crew with fence software and save your business time. Keep your team on track by creating shared calendars they can check right on their phone. With JobNimbus, you always know where your fence crews are, and they always know where to be.
JobNimbus Mobile App

Streamline your estimates

Eye-catching estimates are winning estimates.

Manually creating professional fence estimates can be frustrating and time-consuming.

JobNimbus simplifies the process and makes it fast and easy to make accurate estimates.

When using the #1 fence software, you can preload materials, product descriptions, contacts, and more. Once you are ready to create an estimate, the software automatically pulls all the information into your fence estimate template. Fencing templates give you a speed advantage over your competitors and make it easy to impress your new potential customers.

Integrated Financial Tools

Collect Payments Faster

Two people looking at box with checkmark using a magnifying glass
Getting paid for your fence work has never been easier—or faster. Fence software turns your estimates into invoices that are immediately ready to send to your customer with just the click of a button. Homeowners can pay directly on the invoice, and money is deposited in your account right away. You can even accept down payments and partial payments so you can earn more money.

Share & access photos across your fencing business

The JobNimbus mobile app changes the photo game for the fencing industry.
If you’re at the job site and want to take a picture of the property, just pull out your fencing app to snap a photo. Then annotate it with shapes, text, and more.

Share your photos with homeowners, insurance companies, and your crew without leaving the app. Your entire team can immediately access the picture, no matter where they are, so everyone is on the same page.

Get the right fencing software to power your business.

JobNimbus is a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize your profits with one simple, all-in-one tool. Start your free 14-day trial now!

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