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JobNimbus is the industry-leading all-in-one tool, designed to help contractors save time and drive sales.

Organize project workflows your way

When you organize all your fencing jobs in one place, you gain visibility over every aspect of your business. Our fence estimate software personalizes workflows to fit your processes and sync up your entire team in one organized place.

Streamline your estimates

The best fence software helps you impress your customers and provide an incredible customer experience. With JobNimbus, you can quickly deliver detailed bids for various fence types using your saved list of products and services, templates, and customer info.

Trust your crew to be on time

Fence estimator software helps your team run efficiently with shared calendars that inform crews in the field of their schedule right on their phone. That way, you always know where they are, and they always know where to be.

Accelerate your profit

Being profitable has never been easier– or faster. Fencing estimate software turns your estimates into invoices that are immediately ready to send to your customer with just the click of a button. They can pay directly on the invoice, and boom! Money is deposited in your account. Just. Like. That.

All-in-one solution for your fence business

Fast track your efficiency by digitizing

Save yourself the time of rummaging through piles of paperwork by digitizing your business, making everything easily searchable and shareable. Create contracts on your phone, get documents signed digitally, and store it all in one place. Plus, you can migrate designs from other programs into our fence software. Easy peasy.

Share photos across your business

Our mobile app changes the photo game for the fencing industry. Use our fencing app to snap photos on the jobsite and then annotate them with shapes, text, and more. Share your photos with homeowners, insurance companies, and your crew– all without leaving the app.

Watch your business grow with fencing bid software

On average, JobNimbus users see…

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Revenue growth
Hours saved per person per week
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More payments collected
Excellent tracking tool for estimating.
Joey Panel
Aegis Fence

Enhanced with powerful integrations

It is an excellent product with a multitude of options that make it ideal as a document repository and for marketing to a company’s existing customer base.
Lynn McLarty
Burge Fence


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