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Get the Right Flow to Your HVAC Business Systems

Your HVAC company is built on getting your customers in the flow. From heating to ventilation to air conditioning and beyond, you work to ensure that your commercial and residential clients breathe, feel, and live easy.

So when’s the last time you breathed easy in your HVAC business? Like airflow through a building, your HVAC business tasks also have a flow. You can design your business to stay in the flow by leveraging one key element: HVAC software. We’d love to show you a few ways to do that.

Three Ways HVAC Software Improves Your Business Flow

We know how easy it is to get out of the flow when business picks up. Our industry-leading software keeps everything moving, so you don’t have to scramble for solutions.

1. Invisibility

Your customers are probably most happy when they don’t notice your heating, venting, or air conditioning solutions. As important as these systems are, most customers want them quietly churning in the background!

We know that it’s no different when it comes to your HVAC software solution. As essential as our software is, it’s not something we want you to notice at every moment. Instead, we’ve designed it to do the job needed, without bogging you down with what’s happening behind the scenes. In fact, with options like custom training, we go one design step further, ensuring that JobNimbus integrates with your workflows, patterns, and pace. That way, you won’t need to stop and focus on your software when you’re having a particularly busy week.

Specifically, you can set automations and integrations that are customized for your particular use. No matter what kind of day you’re having, those automations are set and working for you in the background!

2. Reliability

As you’ve seen many times during your years in the HVAC business, all systems can fail. When performance counts, you need redundant units: backup systems that engage to pick up the slack.

Let JobNimbus’ cloud-based design be your software redundancy plan. As you know, the cloud keeps everyone on your team connected, whether they are sitting at a desktop or working on-site in a basement that doesn’t get Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter, everyone can still access your system.

Every person on your team essentially becomes a backup unit, a resource connected to your system. If only heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units could have that many backup units!

So, when you need a reliable tool that doesn’t depend on location-based services, think of JobNimbus. We’ll help you maintain the reputation for reliability you’ve already earned by being there for your customers, year in and year out.

3. Clarity and Communication

Keeping systems clear of obstruction is an art form, as you know well. It’s about simplicity and functionality: a balance that helps you find elegant heating, venting, and air conditioning service designs that still outperform your competition.

JobNimbus is designed with this in mind. With features like custom reporting, visually simple workflow boards, and other essential team-oriented tools, your lines of communication never close.

  • Not sure you can schedule a specific service time for the customer you’re talking to? Shared calendars accessed from your mobile JobNimbus app remove this concern. Schedule with confidence!
  • Wondering why your team member approached a project solution in a certain way? Contacting that person, or pull up the job notes. Hopefully, your team member even included a quick snapshot using the JobNimbus mobile app. This would let you show the customer the problem at hand and why the current design solves it.

We’re Here to Support Your HVAC Business Systems

It is possible to get to a point where all your business tasks, decisions, and optimizations feel intuitive and supported. Please check out our 14-day free trial. Reach out to us with any questions about how JobNimbus can meet your needs. We are ready to flow with you!

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