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🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

Content Marketing: The Age Old Method to Gain and Retain

Marketing a product or service involves utilizing different methods in diverse areas and circumstances in order to reach a larger audience.

The internet has proved to be one of the fastest growing and most far reaching channel for anyone looking to market anything from clothing to kitty litter, and everything in between. With social media augmenting sharing, referrals, and voice, this is definitely where you want to claim your chunk of the pie.

Despite what you might read on the internet, content marketing wasn’t invented a couple of years ago. Content marketing is as old as the spoken and written word: fliers, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, video, posters, brochures, business cards, cave paintings… content is everywhere because the world is full of consumers.

The world is full of content consumers

We are consumers; all of us. We love something new, something to learn, something to use, something to read, something to share, something to wear, to eat, to dream. We love things. More and more consumers are satisfying their hunger through the internet, and more content is being created to satisfy that hunger now than ever before.

There are consumers of all shapes, sizes, and taste buds. You may think your product is so incredibly niche that no one would ever care to read or hear from you.

Wrong. Even plumbers can have a whole lot to say by way of tips and tricks on cleanup and maintenance, recommendations, etc. You just have to get creative on what content you produce and where you put it in order for it to find the right audience at the right time.

Consumers are hungry for what you have to offer

So get creative and create more content. Use the traditional methods like print ads, the Yellow Pages, etc. Then get on the new stuff.

  • Create a blog on your website and write there regularly.
  • Make yourself known on social media where your audience will hear you and engage them as a mentor and consultant, not as a sales person.
  • Create videos to instruct and teach.
  • Get in local listings like Angie’s List, Yelp, FourSquare, etc.

In all your efforts, focus on brand development, awareness, instruction, attraction, and retention of existing customers. Everything you do should be for the benefit (not annoyance) of your eager and enlightened audience.

The more compelling content you produce on a regular basis, the more you’ll be remembered, recommended, and requested.

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