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How to Build Customer Relationships as a Roofer

A roofer shaking hands with a happy customer

Poor customer experience can lead to a loss in sales and be detrimental to your roofing company’s success. So, how do you avoid bad customer experiences and focus on building great relationships with your customers?

This blog post shows roofers how to build strong customer relationships. With the right strategies, roofers can improve customer relationships at their businesses. Let’s dive in.

Why Do Customer Relationships Matter?

Before we discuss how roofers can build customer relationships, let’s consider why customer relationships are essential.

Building a sustainable roofing business relies heavily on your local reputation. If word gets out that customers have a poor experience with your business, you will probably not sign more deals.

When you build strong customer relationships, you increase the odds of those customers leaving positive reviews for your business. Additionally, happy customers will likely choose you again for future roofing needs.

Here are a few benefits of building positive customer relationships:

How Roofers Can Build Customer Relationships

Building relationships with your customers is all about crafting a great experience and building trust. Here are three ways you can build customer relationships in your roofing business.

1. Communicate Effectively and Be Respectful

Effective communication and respect are two of the most essential foundations for building positive relationships with your customers.

One of the quickest ways to lose customer trust is through miscommunication. Research has found that a whopping 98% of customers say it’s important for businesses to communicate effectively.

Another 66% of consumers say they’ll switch to a competitor due to ineffective communication. Instead of losing customers to your competitors, make an effort to communicate with your clients.

By keeping customers informed about their roof projects, you show them that you also care about their homes. Ineffective communication can communicate another message to homeowners: you don’t respect them or their time.

Avoid sending the wrong signals to your customers and stay on top of communication throughout the job. You’ve probably heard, “You get out what you put in.” Building customer relationships can be as simple as this idea—if you show your customers respect, they will likely reciprocate.

2. Use Roofing CRM Software

Contracting professionals can enhance customer experience and strengthen client relationships by leveraging technology like roofing software.

Roofing software can help you:

When you provide a great customer experience through accurate estimates and frequent roof project updates, your customers are more likely to trust you.

3. Listen to Feedback

As a business owner, you’ll never be able to experience your business from a customer’s perspective. Sure, you could wear a disguise and pose as a customer à la “Undercover Boss” style, but is that worth it?

(If you do that, please reach out—we might’ve stumbled upon CBS’s next hit undercover show.)

Let’s skip the disguises and go straight to the source instead: your customers. Ask your customers for feedback and do your best to act on it.

This initiative shows clients that you care about their experience. When people feel their voices have been heard, it cultivates trust.

Seeking feedback from your customers also helps you better understand their needs. You can gain invaluable insights into your customers’ perspectives on your sales process and other areas of your business.

While it can be difficult to look at your business’s negative reviews or listen to some tough love from a customer, it’s crucial to be objective and improve your business.

Set Your Roofing Business Up for Success

Your customers are the foundation of your business. To build a successful roofing company, you need to listen to customer voices. When you follow these customer relationship management tips, you can strengthen customer relationships at your roofing business.

To see how roofing software can help you maintain positive customer relationships, sign up for a free 14-day trial of JobNimbus today!

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