January 2022 Product Updates

EagleView Report Upgrades

Save time and money by leveraging the EagleView integration in JobNimbus to easily upgrade EagleView reports.

With just the click of a button, you can now upgrade from an EagleView QuickSquares report to a Premium report within the JobNimbus platform.

Not only does this make proposals and estimates more efficient than ever, but you are able to save money using the upgrade process. The cost of the QuickSquares report is automatically applied to the Premium report and the contractor only pays the difference.

With EagleView and JobNimbus, it has never been easier to estimate jobs, submit material orders, and provide homeowners with a 5 star experience.

                        Don’t have EagleView?

                       Already have EagleView?

Material Orders and Work Orders

Our new mobile app is on fire! We’ve been adding new features to it every month, and this month is no different.

Pump up your mobile app efficiency with the ability to view, edit, and create both material and work orders natively.

Keep an eye out each month for the latest editions to the app!

Beta Sign-up

Want early access? Join our betas! This month, we’re testing mobile finger signing for estimates.

Mobile finger signing allows users to sign estimates with users on-site as well as send estimates that need to be signed to those who aren’t in person.

To join the beta, email us at mobile-feedback@jobnimbus.com.

We are constantly working to level up our software solution to be the best partner for your business. For a refresher on some of the most recent updates to our platform, hear from our CEO Ben Hodson here.

JobNimbus exists simply to put business owners on the right track toward organization, efficiency, and ultimately, profit and growth. On average, JobNimbus users see 43% revenue growth, 8 hours a week saved per person, and 25% more payments collected. Discover how our roofing software can elevate your company by scheduling a live demo!

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  1. How do I use Eagle View on web based Job nimbus? I selected in the settings but there are no instructions on how to order eagle view report

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