November 2021 Product Updates

Credit Card Processing Fee Options

You now have the option to decide how you want your credit card processing fee to be handled based on your business needs and billing processes.

With the new settings for credit card processing fees, contractors gain more flexibility and control over how they collect their payments. Contractors can choose to either build the fee into the margin, pass the fee to the customer, or neither.

Improved Forms on New Mobile App

No more running back to the job site! You can now create form templates on the new mobile app that allow you to gather the exact information you need – every time

The several new form fields available give you the flexibility to collect necessary information with ease.

With these new improvements, you can eliminate extra trips back to job sites to get information you missed the first time. Plus, enhance your efficiency by being able to quickly communicate information back to others in the business.

Other Mobile App Updates and News

Our new mobile app is designed to be a partner in your pocket, helping your business grow.

And, now, you can create and edit estimates in the app!

We’re continuing to add new features and value to the app, and subsequently your business.

Take a look at what’s coming by the end of the year:

  • Creating and managing material/work orders and documents
  • Mobile finger signing
  • Collecting payment via Global Payments Integrated
  • Supporting email replies in app
  • Supporting caller ID

We are constantly working to level up our software solution to be the best partner for your business. For a refresher on some of the most recent updates to our platform, hear from our CEO Ben Hodson here.


JobNimbus exists simply to put business owners on the right track toward organization, efficiency, and ultimately, profit and growth. On average, JobNimbus users see 43% revenue growth, 8 hours a week saved per person, and 25% more payments collected. Discover how our roofing software can elevate your company by scheduling a live demo!

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