As a roofer, do you find your job to be: A) stressful, B) busy, C) time-consuming, or D) all of the above? It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the roofing industry would agree that D) is the correct answer! However, it’s a little more complex than just answering a multiple-choice question to find the best solution to all the problems mentioned above. Although there’s no perfect answer, CRM software can make an amazing difference in achieving a greater work-life balance for roofers. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is software that can help you and your team improve business and customer relationships. CRM software increases effectiveness and productivity at work so you can have more time for yourself. More time for yourself means a happier, healthier work environment! Work-life balance is crucial to your career and life successes. So, in order to help you find balance, we’ve outlined three ways CRM software can help improve your work life:

1) Cloud-Based Information

Cloud-based CRM software balances work life by letting you access your work information all in one place. If you’re out in the field or working in the office, you can access and add data from any device. Mobile CRM apps allow you to streamline your workflow and give customers the best service possible. Without cloud-based software, it can be hard to find time to run back to the office to pull up specifics of a job. Even finishing smaller tasks like responding to emails can be hard.  

Cloud-based information makes it easy by updating in real-time while you work through CRM software. That way, you know you are receiving accurate details. Tasks, meetings, and appointments are also tracked and will notify you from wherever you are. If you want to analyze customer trends or look at other business insights, CRM offers instant access to this information and more. With the ability to access, edit, and fulfill daily assignments digitally, you can save yourself the stress of going back to work and have more time to yourself.

2) Better Communication

Communication through CRM helps create a greater work-life balance by saving you time and frustration. By maintaining smooth-running communication with your team members, you can all get on the same page about tasks that need to be checked off and questions that need to be answered. This allows you to work directly with customers to resolve issues immediately and make necessary adjustments to a project before it’s too late. CRM software will track your conversations so no information gets left behind or forgotten. By doing so, you can fix errors and prepare to do your best work. 

Without strong communication, your business would be almost impossible to run. From emails and text messages to phone calls and social media, there is always new information coming in through different channels each day. You never know what information could make a significant impact on your work. Because CRM makes it easier to communicate, you can manage your work better by planning ahead and changing directions. You’ll no longer have to spend hours fixing something that could have been avoided in the first place. Better communication creates more work-life balance by taking off all the stress of doing a job incorrectly or dealing with unhappy customers. 

3) Automation Feature

A great CRM will help balance work-life by carrying out workflow automation. Automation will help you cut out repetition from your life and be more time efficient. The automation feature lets you carry out tasks that need to be accomplished regularly. This includes sending emails, creating estimates, and updating contacts and jobs. Automation lets you eliminate time-consuming, manual entry tasks by setting up triggers that move the process along until completion. That way, you can get work done faster and focus on priorities. 

Automation ensures that your tasks get done the day they’re due. It also makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. It can help solve human errors, so you don’t have to worry about the little things. After you’ve set up an automation for a task, you can forget about the rest of the process and move on with your day. CRM will take care of it for you. Rather than working on tedious tasks that consist of the same process, you can spend more time in your personal life with family and friends. 

All in all, CRM software simplifies processes. This enables you to concentrate more on your home life outside of work. Features like cloud-based data, communication channels, and automation are effective and easy tools for reducing stress and busyness at work. Try out a free demo with JobNimbus today to see what a difference CRM software can make in improving your work-life balance.

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