In the roofing industry, it’s important that you take photos of your best work to promote your business. You should have a variety of high-quality photos from recent projects under your belt to promote your latest work to potential clients. Customers may even ask to see a portfolio before hiring you. Providing a photo gallery shows customers that you are a reputable roofing professional. It also demonstrates the successful experiences you’ve had and the level of detail you are capable of achieving in your projects. Additionally, these photos can be placed on your company website or social media.

Before you go ahead and take pictures of your work, you’ll need to know what kind of photos you should be taking. Snapping a few photos from your cellphone without knowing the right angles to take is not going to make the cut. We want to help you show off your highest-quality work through photos before you finish up a job. Thanks to Roofers Coffee Shop, here are five kinds of photos you should be taking to promote your roofing business:  


1) Close, cropped view of the roof 


A close, cropped angle of the roof will show the amount of detail that went into the finished roof. This angle also lets customers examine your work and decide if you would be the right fit for the job.


2) Full-view, front angle of the house 

The second photo you should take to promote your work is an angled view of the front of the house. This allows the customer to see how your finished roof project looks with the other elements of the home’s aesthetic. Take photos of roofing projects on homes that most resemble your ideal client. For example, if your ideal client lives in a high-end neighborhood, take pictures of projects on similar estates you’ve worked on.


3) Top-down shot 


For this angle, you may need the help of a drone, or perhaps a cherry picker. If possible, get a shot of the roof from high above. This photo captures the entirety of the roof and gives a whole picture to the end result of your project. It helps clients see a wide coverage of your project in a single photo. The angle is typically very symmetrical and pleasing to the viewer’s eye, so it looks great in portfolios


4) Action shots 

Try to capture photos of your team working on the project. The process of work is just as important to see as the result of the project. These photos put faces to the work that’s being done and lets customers see your team in action. Be sure that everyone in the photo is properly equipped and wearing safety gear. This shows professionalism, vigilance, and ensures your crew takes their jobs seriously. 

5) Team members and happy client 


The last photo you should take before wrapping up a job is one of you and your workers with the homeowner. If the client is happy with the work that’s been done, ask if you can take a picture with them to put in your portfolio. Not only is this great for memories, but it shows customer satisfaction and helps future clients envision their experience with you.

Taking the right kind of photos of projects will surely help you in promoting your credibility, value, and business. For more about taking roofing-specific pictures, check out our blog on taking photos of the job site here!

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