Project task tracking provides a number of benefits to help improve your company’s project management. If you or your employees have ever faced problems with task execution, recording changes, missing deadlines or over-working, project task tracking could be the right solution.

In the workplace, it’s easy to get side-tracked or lose focus. According to statistics by The Associated Press, as of 2015, your ability to pay attention while online is only about eight seconds.

Without project task tracking software, juggling daily work tasks would become more difficult to accomplish. Project tracking allows you and your team to increase productivity and doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Here are three reasons to use project task tracking in your business:

Stay on task and on-budget 

As you understand what tasks your employees spend their time and effort on, you can assess where to put more or less of your project’s budget. You can also distinguish which tasks are more important than others. This will help with meeting deadlines and getting jobs done quickly.

By organizing project tasks, you can evaluate how time is being spent and if people are staying on track. Some employees might be putting too much time into unimportant tasks, or perhaps there are too many employees working together on one project. With this knowledge, you can adjust and distribute assignments as well as prioritize tasks in order to stay on budget.

Manage all tasks in one place

With task tracking software, you access all your work from one place at any time and anywhere. No need to run back to the office computer in order to access information. Whether you are out of the office, preparing for a meeting or working on a weekend, you can have all your tools and projects available to you from your personal computer or phone.

Keeping everything all in one place makes work more organized. A one-stop hub prevents files from getting lost or deleted and makes work more shareable. This helps your team get on the same page and lets everyone manage tasks that need to be worked on.

Plan for improvement

Based off of project task tracking, you should be able to tell what assignments use up more time and money than others. This will help you plan for future projects and help employees with what they previously struggled with. This new information will help you assign employees to certain tasks to make sure your projects are completed effectively and on time.

Project task tracking is customizable and can be altered for companies to achieve higher success. Additionally, project tracking software will automatically update in real time so you can see how projects are coming along. If you don’t see the results you want, it’s easy to see what improvements need to be made to get back on track.

JobNimbus makes project task tracking easy. You can view the big picture of projects and improve workflow, project management, budgeting, and time efficiency as you go. If you haven’t already started task tracking in your company, start now! Try a free trial (no credit card required) with JobNimbus and see how it works to improve your team.


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