Your roof says more about your home than you’d think. Not only does it support and protect your home, but it can be a defining feature for the design and efficiency of your home.

There are many factors of a roof to consider when picking a new style, such as color, shape, functionality and material. So, with spring around the corner, here are three of the latest roofing trends to help you stay up-to-date:

Energy Efficient Roofs

Today, more people are looking for ways to save energy than ever before. Energy efficient roofs are becoming more and more popular in 2019. Your roof can save you lots of money on your electric bill by keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Energy efficient techniques include solar tiles, metal roofs, light-colored shingles, reflective coatings and more. The key to having an energy efficient roof is the roof’s reflective properties. The less heat your roof absorbs, the more energy you’ll conserve.

If you live somewhere hot, this might be the option for you. Traditional black asphalt roofs can reach extremely high temperatures in the summer. However, using solar roofs tiles will absorb the heat to generate electricity. Metal roofs, light-colored shingles and reflective coatings will reflect radiation to keep your roof and the inside of your home cooler. This allows you to decrease air conditioning usage and save energy.

There is a variety of choices when it comes to looks and efficiencies of energy-efficient roofs. This makes it a good option for consumers to choose this season.

Green Roofs

Another growing trend is using organic materials for a roof. Green roofs can be as simple as a grass-covered roof or as intricate as a full-on rooftop garden. These roofs use soil, compost and plants to absorb the sun’s rays and grow into a living ecosystem.  Green roofs also lower your home’s electricity bills by providing shade and protection to your roof’s surface.

While these roofs are more expensive to install, they are more environmentally friendly than other roofs. They are also are low maintenance and can save you money in the long-run. Green roofs work best on a sloped roof where if it storms, plants can absorb some water and drain the excess.

Designer Roofs

Designer roofs are becoming trendy for homeowners who want to install a unique, eye-catching roof with high-quality construction.  These roofs offer a wide range of attractive styles, colors, textures and materials while still being functional and durable.

Many designer roofs are designed to withstand particular environments, such as high winds, fires, hurricanes and more. Due to the quality and manufacturing of designer roofs, they are less likely to sustain as much damage as other standard shingles would.

Some designer roofs are also sustainable and use recycled materials to craft new roofs. For example, synthetic or steel roofs. Whatever material you pick, there are multiple colors and designs available to customize and make your home stand out. A designer roof can help your home with its overall curb appeal and increase residential market value. 

Smart and sustainable roofs are only growing in 2019, which is why energy efficient, green and designer roofs are some of the best and most favorite roofs in the industry this year. If you are in the roofing business and want to know more about the latest trends and tips in the roofing world, be sure to check out JobNimbus and sign up for a free trial (no credit card required)!


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