Huge performance boost – We’ve rebuilt much of the app’s infrastructure to supercharge performance. Sync, views, and actions all got a huge speed boost.

Task List – Updated Task list interface, giving you a better view of what’s overdue, due now, and upcoming.

Status – We’ve updated the Type and Status at the top of each Contact/Job to take up less room and be less prone to miss-taps. Just tap on the status at the top to choose a new one, or change it while editing.                                                                                             

Contacts – Activity and Details are now tabs, making it easier to swipe left and right on a contact to see what you need.
– We also did some updates to the Contact/Job Edit area to make things easier.

• Calendar – We’ve enriched the calendar with a new Agenda view and more to see your day in a whole new way.

• DisplayName – Added “DisplayName” as the unique identifier for contacts
– Also added unique job name functionality 


Alerts: We hope you don’t see any, but if you do we want them to be helpful. Alerts should now also walk you through what to do to fix them.

Other bug squashings to help your day go by that much smoother.

We hope these changes will help you find even more success with JobNimbus and your business. What update are you looking forward to the most?


  1. Justen Ivory

    Is there going to be a fax on the mobile app for ordering Accurence scope assessed ?

    • Kaili Spear

      Hi Justen! I’m not familiar enough with the Accurence process to know where faxing comes into play. I do know our app should have the ability to order Accurence directly without needing the ability to fax, but I might be missing something. Could you please provide more details on what’s missing and we can see how we can help?

  2. Chris Craven

    when i receive a call from client in new Jobnimbus app the jb status showing which client is calling hovers over the red cancel call button and no matter how i try to cancel the call it just keeps ringing. This needs to be moved away from theis area. It ho ers in the lower 25% of screen.

    • Kaili Spear

      Hi Chris! With Caller ID, all our app is able to do is allow the phone to search your list of JobNimbus contacts, find a match, and show it on the call screen. We have no control over how that contact is being displayed since that is all up to the Android version and support for the feature on the device you’re using. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this, you’ll have to contact your device manufacturer’s support, or possibly your carrier, for assistance on troubleshooting this issue.

  3. Jesse Russow

    Will the app work on Android or Chrome OS? We can only get it to work on IOS so far. We use the Google Pixel 2 and it won’t even work in that. Also, it is still not functional on the Pixelbook.

    • Kaili Spear

      Hi Jesse! While we don’t have a ChromeOS version available, the mobile app is working great on most Android phones and should work on the Pixel 2 without a hiccup. We’ll be sure to have our support team get in touch with you to help troubleshoot your issues and get JobNimbus on your devices!


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