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Rolling off the boom of computer hardware and software of the 80s and 90s, the aughts started bringing new waves of technology at an even faster pace.

In record time cell phones became smartphones, which are already starting to become “wearables” like Google Glass or Apple’s rumored iWatch.

The background to what makes all these devices so powerful and so mobile is their communication with data and people on the outside. This outside is commonly referred to as “the cloud” or, in much more common terms, “the internet.”

And that’s where we get to today’s question:

Why is integrating into the cloud important for mobility?

The Cloud provides mobility of data and communication

Smartphones, tablets, and our laptops now have more connectivity than ever. It’s a rare and unfortunate time when you find yourself out of service of a cell tower anymore, and that includes connectivity to internet.

We live in a hyper-connected society where the internet is almost ubiquitous with life itself. If you aren’t on the internet in some way, you basically don’t exist.

There was actually a news story just a couple days ago about how a police department couldn’t find someone because they’d never been on the internet. So much for old school gum-shoeing.

And the internet isn’t just a source of cat videos and disease diagnoses, it’s a way for us to be connected in ways never before imagined.

All your data, at all times, in all places

Back in the day, if you had CRM, it was locally installed on your office computers and it stayed there.

When you have an investment in cloud CRM and project management software, the data for all your contacts, jobs, tasks, financials, and documents are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

That means whatever contacts you add on your computer are automatically uploaded to the cloud and downloaded back to all of your devices.

You, for the first time, are unplugged from the wall. Unchained from the local installation that once tied you down.

Once you’re 100% in the cloud, you are 100% mobile, having access to everything you need whenever you need it on whatever device you’d like.

You can dream big, work like a pro, and still get down and dirty in the real work without skipping a beat.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Let’s take the example of JobNimbus, a full cloud-based CRM and project management software with mobile apps for iOS and Android, plus mobile browser support.

If you create a contact on your laptop in a Starbucks, you can then leave that Starbucks and pull out your phone on the go to see the same contact and even create a job right there.

Then, pull out your tablet at the job site and take pictures to upload directly to that job and mark off some tasks.

When you get back to the office or home, everything is just where you left off and you can pull reports on everything that was done that day.

No more duplicate or repetitive data entry, no more chains, no more outdated information, and no more IT.

Fly away on the Cloud

You’re more mobile than ever and free to use your cloud CRM and project management software whenever and wherever you’d need.

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