I like working with my hands. It is cathartic.

I put on my “work clothes”(that is what my wife calls them,)  because if I wear my “nice clothes,” well, that is why we can’t have nice things. I throw my hat on, and into the workshop I go.

Almost without exception, after a couple of measurements, I start frantically searching for a pencil to mark something I need to cut.  You start flipping over papers, moving tools, slapping your sides like you are being attacked by killer bees, and checking your back pockets like you have just been mugged, only to remember that you stuck the pencil behind your ear.

Technology Can Help Find the Needle in the Haystack

Sometimes, getting used to the conveniences of technology happens the same way. The reality is that the smartphones of today have more features and computing power than the big desktop computers of even 8-10 years ago.

You used to have a stack of floppy disks a mile high just to run a simple program. Now, they’re practically fossils in technology terms. We can fit terabytes of information on a digital drive the size of our thumb. It is easy to forget, that the same machine that plays Candy Crush on our lunch break is a virtual office in our pocket.

When we originally sat down to design JobNimbus, we knew it had to be available from anywhere. That is why we made it internet-based, hence the name Nimbus (Cloud). Once we started the framework, we knew that an important part of the puzzle was a mobile application.

Foremost on our minds was: What does the app need to do, and what does it need to replace? Even our first version needed to do some cool and innovative things.

Here are some of the things you may not know about our mobile app:

  • It can interact almost instantly with the main office. However, if there is no internet connection, it can still function on its own.
  • You can use it to canvas or cold call and add a complete customer profile right there on the spot.
  • You can add pictures to a folder that is specific to the customer. So when you are looking at a job, you can take pictures with the camera on your phone, upload them immediately, and they will be easy to find when you need them.
  • There is the ability to do an estimate right on the customer site. The app looks at the master list so there is no need to call for pricing.
  • Scheduling is at your fingertips. You can check for open spots in your calendar and it integrates with your Google Calendar.
  • Daily list of tasks. No question as to what you need to do next, just consult your phone.

Don’t overlook the power that is in the palm of your hands. There are some real advantages to using technology on the go. It cuts down on paper, makes you look more professional and put together, and it saves you time.  All of those things mean more money for you!

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Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%.
Your company could be next.

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