Workflow Automation

Do you find yourself doing the same task every day? Tired of wasting time with senseless repetition? Frustrated by leads falling through the cracks?

Sick of reading infomercial-style taglines?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re part of the 98%* who are looking for a tool to make their workflows easier, faster, and less leaky.

Lucky for you and the other 98%, we have just the thing.

Getting Things Done is Easier Than You Think

That’s right, it is.

Usually your workflow will consist of the same process for each customer and job. For instance, you might get a call from a potential lead, quote them on a price, give them a firm estimate. The, assuming you close the sale, you’ll assign out work and move the process along until completion.

What if I were to tell you that all the steps in between to assign repetitive tasks for the same process could be one for you at your convenience?

That’s what workflow automation is built to do. It allows you to create tasks or email notifications based on a certain set of criteria that you set.

Your Workflow on Fire

So let’s say that you win a lead and you’re ready to give them a proper estimate. At this point, you’d have to create the typical “Create Estimate” task, set the time, assign it out, and all that.

With workflow automation, you can set a trigger for when you change the status to “Estimating” so that JobNimbus creates a new task called “Create Estimate” and assigns it to the right person.

You can set up as many triggers, conditions, and actions as you’d like for both status and type changes to Contacts and Jobs. The possibilities are just about endless.

Set It and Forget It

Once you have your triggers set up, you can trust JobNimbus will take care of the rest. From now on, every lead you enter and every job you start will be moved through the process

Check out our tutorial on how to get Workflow Automation set up with triggers to automate everything you do.

If you need help getting workflow automation set up, contact JobNimbus support or leave a comment below.


*Statistic is a rough estimate based on personal experience, not empirical data.

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