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There’s that new term again: the cloud. By now, I’m sure all of us have heard it one time or another.

It’s the new latest way to get software into the hands of intrepid new users and it’s injecting life into a revitalized industry.

But what with all the hubbub? What makes the Cloud so special and so important to the continued growth and health of the software industry?

Let’s take a look.

On Premise vs. Cloud Software

The now ‘old-fashioned’ way of getting software was purchasing a disc or set of discs that you then had to install on a computer. There are several drawbacks to this method such as the need to always buy upgrade discs, maintenance, IT, higher entry price, greater commitment and higher risk, just to name a few.

That’s without even mentioning the fact that you need multiple discs for multiple computers, fresh licenses, and if there is a major bug in the software then you’re stuck waiting until the next version comes out… maybe in a year.

In other words, on premise (or locally installed) software is cumbersome.

The solution to the problem was in this question: What if we could put an app online like a website?

Well sure! Everyone can and knows how to access a website nowadays, and websites are just a few keystrokes away with no other friction in the process.

Thus, the Cloud was born.

On Premise vs. Cloud Software

Benefits of Web-Based Software

Without the need to purchase discs and install each one on each computer, you can greatly cut down set up time and cost. With the software stored and managed remotely on the server side, you save yourself plenty of IT headaches and costs of managing a “fix-it” team.

Updates? They can come every day; multiple times a day, if needed. Any bug in the system can get fixed the same day it’s found allowing the user to have a much better, updated, and modern experience than with last year’s major disc release.

One of the biggest boons of having online software, whether it be for CRM or project management, is mobility. The disc method chained you to whatever computer onto which you had installed your software.

With the online CRM software, you can access your CRM from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device. This allows for a whole new level of freedom, flexibility, and versatility that the old-fashioned method could never touch.

The key is: access. Access to updates and access to your data from any device at any time.

Your Software, Anywhere and Everywhere

In our ever moving modern world of smartphones and data plans, being on-the-go is becoming more popular by the second. Having your data wherever and whenever you are is a big help for most and a necessity for others.

Whichever camp you’re in, having this kind of access to contacts, tasks, jobs, calendars, etc from a CRM and project management software is a huge help that didn’t exist even 10 years ago.

Technology keeps advancing, and taking advantage of the latest software will be increasingly important to the continued success of your business. The Cloud is just the next step in a wave of productivity and efficiency.

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