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How to Make $100k in Roofing Sales

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In 2022, the average roofing sales salary nationwide was $58,000 annually and $23.98 per hour.

But that’s just the salary, which often doesn’t include commissions, and that means some roofing salespeople are earning way more than that. In fact, some are making above the $100,000 mark every year.

Whether you’re looking to boost your roofing sales salary or trying to see if roofing sales is a good career for you, we’ll go over different ways to reach that $100k. Here are the top five ways to make $100k in roofing sales.

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5 Strategies to Make $100k in Roofing Sales

Improve Your Roofing Sales Skills

Master your roofing sales skills simply and effectively by becoming an industry expert. Educate yourself on the products you offer so you’re prepared for any questions thrown your way.

Learn more about your company, so you can flaunt what makes you stand out from your competitors, like awards and certifications. This information shows buyers you’re knowledgeable, and it helps you be more confident.

Come Prepared with the Sales Pitch

Learn a variety of closing techniques. Be sure to use a strategy that works best for you and the buyer’s interest.

Here are some closing techniques you can use:

  • Ask a question that assumes the deal is done
  • Summarize the benefits of your services
  • Suggest a day to finalize the deal
  • Show your prospect a visual of what you offer

Check out our guide to roofing closing techniques to see more strategies and pro tips.

Keep Track of Your Leads with a CRM

Go digital and organize your leads with a roofing software. A CRM helps you be more efficient and makes you and your company look more professional.

By eliminating pen and paper, you can more easily navigate your prospects, keep track of lead notes, and record communications with your customer, all in one place.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Increasing your marketing efforts can skyrocket your roofing sales salary. Focusing on marketing will expand exposure to your company, generate more leads, help your company be more competitive, and create a line of communication for buyers.

Don’t be afraid of social media! Company social media accounts spread awareness, even to prospective customers in the comfort of their homes.

You can do marketing through a variety of mediums:

Attract Prospective Customers Through Relationships

The more leads you acquire, the higher your roofing sales salary will likely be. You can find leads in a multitude of ways. Customer referrals make up 34% of roofing leads on average. Keep this in mind when working with buyers.

You should always be building new relationships and fostering existing ones. You can reach beyond your buyers by networking with others in the roofing industry, like insurance adjusters and real estate agents.

Is Roofing Sales a Good Career?

Roofing sales can be a profitable and rewarding career. While the national average salary is $58,000, salaries vary widely by state. Check out average state salaries for roofers in your area to see how your state stacks up.

Roofing sales is the right career for you if you have:

  • Customer service experience
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation
  • The desire to help people protect their homes

Elevate Your Roofing Sales Game: Hitting the $100k Milestone

If you’re still wondering if roofing sales is the career for you, know that it can be a lucrative, rewarding career. Whether already in the roofing industry or not, now you have some skills and tips to help you succeed in making $100k in roofing sales.

Remember to be a proactive learner, present yourself as a roofing professional, and use a variety of marketing strategies to gain exposure and generate more leads.

With these tips under your belt, you’ve got the tools you need to skyrocket your roofing sales salary to $100k. For help managing your leads, try out JobNimbus for free today!

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