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4 Tips for Selecting the Best Roofing CRM Software

Imagine this. Your name is Craig. You’re nervous. You’re even starting to sweat a little… (Get a grip, man!) Why? Because you’re going on a date! And not just any date… a date with the best roofing CRM. AKA, customer relationship management. Finding the best roofing CRM can be compared to the dating scene. There’s a lot of options out there to choose from–some that have a lot to offer, and others that are just simply terrible. Your dilemma is you can’t seem to find your perfect match. When you do finally find the right one, though, it’ll change everything!

The best CRM software has the power to help you work smarter. It can boost work efficiency, improve customer relationships, and grow your business. The trick to working smarter isn’t just having any CRM, but having a CRM that works best for you. So, in efforts to help you in your journey of finding “the one,” here are four tips we have to make your date with CRM go perfectly.

1) Know Your Business Needs

Everyone has their flaws, including businesses! That’s why it’s good to find your other half to make up for what you lack. It’s important to first understand what your business’s needs are and what problems it has that you’d like to solve. The best roofing CRM will have features and integrations that can fix these issues and help operate your business more smoothly.

Convenience for your business needs can also help you decide on a CRM. Most roofing contractors work with a manufacturer for their products. TAMKO Building Products specializes in roofing products and is also partnered with JobNimbus CRM. For users’ convenience, JobNimbus CRM may be a better option than others because it benefits their needs for having both quality roofing products and customer relationship/project management.

Be sure to talk to your work colleagues and find out what CRM platforms are convenient and work best for them. Understanding these things will help you work better as a team and identify a CRM that can successfully fulfill your objectives. Customizable CRM systems are perfect for fitting your unique business requirements. That way, you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

2) Look At Online Reviews

Just as everyone looks up their dates on social media prior to meeting them in person, it’s also useful to look up the credentials of different CRM systems online. Take note of the pros and cons mentioned by previous users and determine if their judgment seems to align with your needs.

Typically, people in the same industry will deal with similar issues, so by looking at online reviews, you can get a sense of whether a roofing CRM software will work best for you or not. However, be wary of extreme comments. One bad experience doesn’t necessarily mean that you should skip out on a CRM software entirely. Keep your options open and look for consistent reviews to find the best roofing CRM for your company.

3) Take Advantage of Free Trials, Demos, and Discounts

Sometimes after a first date, you know it’s not going to work out. Many CRM systems are integrated with other companies and will offer discounts or free trials and demos to help you decide whether it’s a fit before you decide to commit.

For example, JobNimbus partners with TAMKO Building Products to offer TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors a special discount on JobNimbus Pro and Advanced subscriptions.

If you already use or are associated with a certain company or software to operate your business, research if they have a preferred CRM that they are integrated with and if they provide any special deals to sign up for it.

You can test out how the CRM works in your daily routine and if it ties in with all the other softwares you use in your day-to-day. There should be a noticeable impact on easing your workload and improving efficiency. Be sure to use it regularly and see how your team likes its features and the way it functions.

If you run into any bumps, questions or concerns, reach out to the CRM company and try out their customer service. A company’s willingness to accommodate their users can make a huge difference in selecting the best roofing CRM.

4) Consider Pricing

Nobody likes spending more than they have to on a date. Selecting the perfect custom roofing CRM can feel out of reach, but there are affordable options available. When it comes to selecting the best roofing CRM, decide whether the price is reasonable and worth the investment. A CRM system may be of greater value to you due to being easier to use or solving your needs more effectively than others. Keep your budget in mind and what specific features are most beneficial to you. This will help you with your decision in finding a CRM system with the biggest bang for your buck.

Finding your perfect match can be hard and take time, but it’s certain to pay off in the end. The more you know what to look for, the sooner you’ll find it. When selecting the best roofing CRM, remember to know what your business needs, look at online reviews, take advantage of free trials and demos, and consider pricing. How did your date with CRM go? Let us know in the comments below, or check out our JobNimbus CRM software–it may just be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

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