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5 Roofing Social Media Trends to Try: August 2023

Using a cell phone to access TikTok

As a roofer, you’ve got to have your company on social media. Those social profiles can help you expand brand awareness and create a more holistic customer experience. But knowing what to post can be a headache, especially if your business regularly posts on social media.

One secret to social media marketing for roofers is to capitalize on current trends. Riding that wave gives your brand a trendy, culturally aware air.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what to put in your social media posts this week. Here are some of the hottest social media trends in July and August 2023.

Roofing Social Media Idea #1: “Vampire”

You’ve probably heard Olivia Rodrigo’s hit new song “Vampire” if you listen to the radio. The song came out on June 30th, and the internet has run wild with it ever since.

People are putting the song in reels, stories, posts, and TikToks. You can join in by adding this music to the background of a team member’s highlight or a before and after of a job well done.

Pro Tip: Olivia Rodrigo created two slightly different versions of the song—an explicit version and a clean radio version. Pick the one that best fits your brand image.

Female vampire baring her fangs

Roofing Social Media Idea #2: Barbie

Since the Barbie movie’s premiere on July 21, the world’s turned pink. Fans are flocking to movie theaters decked out in bubble gum, rose, and fuschia. And this Barbie fever is bleeding into social media.

Users by the thousands are featuring pink or Barbie-themed posts. And just because you’re a roofing company doesn’t mean you can’t use this social media trend to your advantage. At JobNimbus, we spotlighted our CEO using the Barbie selfie generator.

Use the selfie generator to quickly create Barbie and Ken posters of your employees like they’re stars in the new movie. Or just jump on the pink and sparkly bandwagon, and you’re sure to capture attention!

Barbie photo collage on Instagram
JobNimbus CEO Ben Hodson in a Barbie movie poster

Roofing Social Media Idea #3: Bill Hader Dancing Meme

Have you seen a guy in a blue sweater dancing through your social media feeds?

Bill Hader’s iconic dancing comes from a 2015 Saturday Night Live skit. But it resurfaced before the Emmys due to Hader’s award nomination. His dancing is typically paired with the song “Makeba” by Jain.

Use this social media trend to show your team at the office, on a roof, or talking with a homeowner. Take it even further and have your crew dance like Bill Hader!

Bill Hader dancing meme on social media
Bill Hader dancing meme looking over shoulder

Roofing Social Media Idea #4: Pedro Pascal’s “What Are You Talking About?” Meme

Pedro Pascal of The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, and Wonder Woman 1984 has a trending GIF. Pulled from an interview, Pascal says, “What are you talking about? What do you mean?” while laughing.

The clip rose to prominence in May, but we predict it’ll still have some momentum throughout August.

This GIF spread like wildfire across several social media platforms, but it performs exceptionally well on TikTok. The Pedro Pascal “What Are You Talking About?” meme has gotten 392.7 million views on TikTok alone.

Use this meme to highlight your cool truck wrap or a nice customer review.

Pedro Pascal saying, "What do you mean?" social media meme
Photo courtesy of TikTok user liasgr1mes

Roofing Social Media Idea #5: Jennifer Lawrence’s “What Do You Mean?” Meme

Another popular GIF, the Jennifer Lawrence “What do you mean?” meme serves a similar purpose to the Pedro Pascal meme. During an episode of Hot Ones, Jennifer Lawrence eats spicy wings and repeatedly says, “What do you mean?” while tearing up and laughing.

This meme could work particularly well to comment on insurance rejecting a claim or a customer requesting you just stack another layer of shingles on top of two existing layers.

Jennifer Lawrence "What do you mean" meme on social media
Photo courtesy of Know Your Meme

Embrace the Latest Trends in Your Roofing Social Media Posts

Using popular social media trends in your roofing company’s posts will help your profile stand out, especially against your competitors. And having fun, popular posts will boost engagement and visibility for your business, so you can gain new customers and connect with current ones.

With all your new leads flooding in from social media, you need somewhere to track them all. A powerful roofing project management software like JobNimbus will help you manage your new and existing customers to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Try a free 14-day JobNimbus trial today!

Laptop open with JobNimbus Boards showing different steps of a contractor's process

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