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5 Restoration Job Management Software Tips for Maximum Results

Restoration job management software is a tough nut to crack. If you’re going to get the most out of it, you’ll need to know what it can offer, how to take advantage of it, and how to get your team to use it.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Look For Future Proofing

If you’re in the market for restoration software, be sure to look for one that is future-proof. That means it won’t go away anytime soon.

Ask yourself these questions during your search:

  • Is the software cloud-based? Generally, this is a good indication of forward-thinking and a good technical foundation.
  • Are there accompanying mobile apps?
  • When was the last update to the mobile apps?
  • What kinds of updates are they making? Are they bug fixes, or also new features?
  • How often do they update?
  • How long has the company been around?
  • The pricing structure is affordable or even cheap… is it sustainable? This one is an interesting one because while a company might be able to price lower than others, it doesn’t mean they are the best buy. They are probably getting outside funding and, if their business model isn’t sustainable, they could run out of funding.
  • Is there good support? Are they responsive (hours & minutes instead of days or weeks)? Are they good communicators? Can they truly resolve issues?
  • Is there a free trial?
  • Are there setup guides and training resources?

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. You can do everything in your research and a wild card could be thrown at you. But for the most part, you can be sure that a company and software with these characteristics will have more staying power.

2. Personalize & Customize It

Buying restoration management software is like buying a suit.

It comes in all shapes and sizes, but you won’t find just the right fit until you tailor it to meet your specific company goals and needs.

This is a big thing to look for when searching for software.If you find software that can’t be tailor made to fit your needs, skip it. It isn’t worth the effort trying to

If you find software that can’t be tailor made to fit your needs, skip it. It isn’t worth the effort.

If you do find a customizable restoration job management CRM, then you need to go through the customization to make it a perfect match.

Look at workflows, fields, automation, team collaboration, scheduling, classifications, and more.

Make sure you dial it in for exactly how your business works.

3. Assign A Restoration Job Management Software Champion

Just finding the right restoration software and deploying it doesn’t mean you’ll have all questions answered or that your team will use it.

In fact, the more you 

Having a restoration software champion job management digitally will help you:

  • Get all employees using the system, or at least more than you would have without one.
  • Help liaison between you and the software company to get questions answered and bugs fixed.
  • Develop a plan of attack to get the restoration software customized and deployed.
  • Evangelize the software with your employees to ensure they are on board and satisfied with the solution.
  • And more.

You can’t afford to try to implement any kind of restoration job management software without someone who can head up the effort and make it work.

4. Train Everyone

Even the best restoration job management software is only as good as the people using it.

You don’t have to be great at software, you just have to be good about using the software to its fullest potential.

After you’ve customized your account, you need to get everyone trained.

Some software companies offer training packages to help your team get a huge leg up. You might find options for on-site or remote training, or there might just be a treasure trove of helpful resources you can dig into on your own time and at your leisure.

However the training is offered, you need to make sure your team members are all completely up to speed on the processes and workflows the software offers.

This is something the software champion should take as an ongoing action item.

5. Get The Mobile Updates

With mobile restoration job management software, staying up-to-date could mean the difference between a buggy experience and a more full-featured one.

At JobNimbus, we’re updating our iOS and Android apps on a regular basis to fix bugs, improve performance, and give you more functionality for greater productivity.

When you’ve got several dozen devices deployed out in the field with sales reps and crews who are focused on getting the job done, keeping devices updated becomes a bit harder.

However, modern mobile operating systems make updating easier by allowing you to set devices and apps to automatically update when one is available.

We highly encourage you to set devices to automatically download and install OS updates and that you keep Automatic App Updates enabled on all devices so you can stay current, bug-free, and feature rich.


There’s no better way to run a restoration company than with software to help manage your jobs, sales, and more.

In fact, in our technological age and with heightened competition, it’s turning out to be the only way to run a restoration business.

Whether you work with fire, water, mold, hail… you need software and you need it to work just as hard as you do.

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