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🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

Get More From Your Remodeling Project Management Software

Whether you’re new to remodeling project management software or looking to get the most out of solutions you already own, make sure you’re maximizing the benefits.

Why Maximizing Your Remodeling Project Management Software is Essential

Keep in mind, not all remodeling project management software is the same. Some solutions offer more tools and features than others, while others are simpler. Whatever your current situation, now is the time to ensure your business is using software that won’t leave you high and dry in the middle of your important projects. After all, remodeling projects have a way of throwing you enough curve balls without worrying about your software!

Just like how the right renovation tools can help you save time and money, the right software tools can help your remodeling business grow. This is especially true if you take advantage of industry-leading features.

Industry-Leading Remodeling Project Management Software Features

Compare your current setup to this list to gauge how well you’re maximizing software support for your business. Some remodeling project management software features you can start leveraging today include:

  • Communicate between the field and the office. Cloud integration means your team always accesses the latest features and updates. All your team needs is a web browser and mobile device. Learn more: 5 Ways Mobile Roofing Software Will Save Your Rear End (And Kick Your Competitors’ Butts).
  • Plan like a pro using ready-made workflows, templates, and other operational tools. JobNimbus’ features scale to small renovation teams as well as renovation firms handling many jobs. Customization lets you focus your attention and energy on what makes sense for your business. Learn more: Days in Status, Automation, and More.
  • Manage several projects without losing sight of the details, things to do, reporting, milestone views, and budget status reports, just to name a few.
  • Brainstorm with your team and with your customer, including research findings, alternative approaches to solving a problem, and more. JobNimbus offers a visual workspace.
  • Organize paperwork, such as contracts, receipts, before-and-after photos, and many other details. JobNimbus helps your team upload information from the field or in the office. 
  • Create smart estimates. JobNimbus’ estimate tools go beyond simple line items, allowing you to use templates, job-cost, or do your purchasing at line-item detail.
  • Schedule home inventory, maintenance, or upgrade schedules so you don’t lose business in the future.
  • Leverage accounting tools. Get the numbers right without the headaches. Sync your numbers with cut out duplicate entry and get your numbers right, every single time.

Is It Time For A Remodeling Project Management Software Upgrade?

You’re in the business of renovating properties, so you know the value of making smart changes that maximize value. If your current remodeling project management software setup isn’t giving you these tools, a software remodel may be in order!

Consider what your renovation team already struggles with, or is most likely to struggle with in the future. You may decide it is time to try out a more robust tool, one that handles more than the several tools you may already be patching together.

We’re here to help! Watch our demos and request more information today. We want to help you customize a remodeling project management software solution for your business.

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