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Moving from Contacts to Jobs in JobNimbus

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As you search for a contact in JobNimbus, are you seeing contacts labeled as Ron Swanson, Ron Swanson 1, Ron Swanson 2, etc.? If so, you’re not alone. This labeling means your business is growing, but there’s a better solution to help facilitate and organize this new repeat business.

This article will help you see why you should start using the Jobs feature in JobNimbus and why now is the perfect time to make this change. Many current JobNimbus users are already making this shift and seeing the benefits of switching to Jobs, especially when things get busy.

As a heads up, the time it takes to change from Contacts to Jobs will depend on how much you’ve customized your account. Don’t stress it, though! We have many different resources at your disposal to help with this transition to Jobs.

How Are Jobs Different from Contacts?

Jobs functions the same way that Contacts does, but it adds another layer of organization inside JobNimbus.

With Jobs, you can still create financial documents, add photos, write notes, send text messages, and shoot emails.

The difference is that you’ll create a Contact and immediately create a Job. You’ll track everything under the Job from lead to paid-and-closed.

Why Make the Switch to Jobs?

Sustainably Grow Your Operations

Do you want to grow your business? Of course you do! Jobs allows you to track multiple projects for the same customer while keeping everything separated and connected simultaneously.

Here’s an example of why switching from Contacts to Jobs makes sense.

Leslie Knope calls your roofing company to replace her roof. Your team takes it on and completes the job. Six months later, Leslie calls back to replace the siding on her house.

If you’re using Contacts, you have two options.

  1. You go back into Leslie’s Contact and create all new financials for the siding job, which mix with the old roofing ones.
  2. You make a new Contact like Leslie Knope 2. Now you have a Leslie Knope and a Leslie Knope 2.

Either way, it’s frustrating and unsustainable, especially as you grow your business.

Keep Jobs Separate but Connected

The Contacts feature only allows for a singular transaction with a customer. Jobs lets you have multiple transactions with the same customer while keeping the financial information separate.

If you use Jobs, you’ll have one parent Contact. All of the jobs below the parent contact are children Contacts. Each job is separate but connects back to the main parent contact.

How to Switch from Using Contacts to Jobs in JobNimbus

  1. Go into your Settings.
  2. Click on Features.
  3. Turn on the Jobs feature to add a new icon to your navigation bar.

Once you decide to switch to Jobs, there are a few aspects of your account that you’ll need to check.


If you have automations set up, they’ll be set up for Contacts. You’ll want to recreate these automations for Jobs so that they’ll work moving forward.


When using the template fields, you’ll have things like {{ContactFirstName}}. You’ll need to change this to accommodate Jobs, so you would change it to {{JobPrimaryContactFirstName}}.


Some integrations can create Contacts when someone fills out a form on your website, but you can also have these integrations make Jobs.

Workflows and Boards

Once you’ve turned on the Jobs feature, you’ll want to delete the default Job workflows and Boards. You’ll most likely want to use your previously created Contact workflows.

When creating your new Job workflow, you can simply clone your Contact workflow. Then, you can create your new Job Boards.


Now that you’re running your business on Jobs, you’ll want to train your team on the new process of using Jobs instead of Contacts.

Make the Switch

Running your company on Jobs in JobNimbus will help you track all your jobs individually, keep things organized, and improve your repeat business experience.

If you have questions or need help making the transition to Jobs, our support team is here for you. Check out our Help Center or contact our knowledgeable support reps for more resources.

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