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Get More Done with Water Restoration CRM

It is 7:30 am, do you know where your dehumidifier is?

When dealing with drying jobs, particularly when a major event happens, it’s important to consider not only equipment placement but scheduling follow-up visits for documenting moisture levels and knowing exactly when to pull the equipment and put it on your next job.

Water restoration or mitigation is more than dropping your equipment and walking off. But you know all of that. What you need to know is how, when you have a major event in your area (flood, tornado, major freeze), how you can best manage your crews and equipment.

Using CRM for Water Restoration

What you may be looking for is a way to manage not only your core processes, but what comes after. If you’re tearing out drywall, you may subcontract the replacement. Having a consistent way of doing those things will allow you to do more, with less.

What is now often done on a whiteboard on the office wall can be done better with technology. There are some great tools that allow you to document and bill out insurance covered items. There are ways to manage your processes out in the field that will make you more efficient and ensure that you can see what is normally on that white board.

Using a custom CRM will allow you to transfer your processes and information and put it into a program that you can customize to mirror your processes. It can help you keep contact with customers and avoid a “let me check and get back to you” response when someone is asking if your schedule is open.

CRM for water restoration can allow you to contact a drywall contractor or a painter to come put back the things that had to be torn out. It can store your photos, Xactimate scopes, moisture readings, and other documentation for the job all in one organized place.

If you can look at jobs in progress and know exactly where your equipment is, and when it is scheduled to be pulled, you can better track your assets and maybe even grab another job or two. What this means is that just having that level organization = more $ in your pocket.

Using New Tools for Greater Productivity

The things I just mentioned? They are just some of the features found in JobNimbus. It is a very simple-to-use water restoration CRM and project management system.

If you are looking to make a change in your business that can add money to your bottom line, just give us a call. We would be more than happy to talk with you about how JobNimbus can help.

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